08 December 2007

Pawsted by Daisuke

Ginga's childhood phobia with cats

hey imei , i think its got to do with ginga's first expereince with a cat with conditioned him to be afraid of them...
we were going home for our first vacation and took ginga to a hostel, it kept both dogs and cats. ginga saw a cat which was roaming outside and went to play with it with full excitement- thinking of exploring a new creature. the cat probably thought otherwise and ran her paw across ginga's face as he went close. ginga made a loud squeaky noise and looked shocked. he backed a few steps, the cat was starring at him - and he decided to just leave from there.

i think she really got ginga's face with her nails, as he was trying to touch it with his paws (probably bcooz it was burning)

poor gingaloni

02 December 2007

Pawsted by imei

Ginga is afraid of the cat~~

When kitty and the doggies are together in the room, we usually only have to watch booboo so he and the cat don't end up in a bad fight. Ginga most of the time just stays away and mind his own business. And one time the stupid cat decided to run back to the room, which triggered ginga's instinct on chasing her. I heard her hissing and ran to the spot, all I saw was kitty trying to swing her little paw at ginga and ginga, as a chicken, turned around and ran full speed back to the living room, hiding under the table.
And of course booboo won't miss the chance to chased the cat after ginga and cornered her in the room when I finally caught up and yelled them apart. The problem is still between booboo and kitty, but ginga is probably ok to live with her already.
(Ranjit, buy one get one free???)

25 October 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Booboo's song to the warrier

16 October 2007

Pawsted by imei

Ten reasons ginga should stay....

1. He LOVES Booboo, he'll be so sad without him.
2. He loves Booboo's bed, he sleeps in it all the time and he is so comfortable in it.
3. He loves Booboo's company in the parks, the walks, the plays and fights. He'll miss booboo so much.
4. He Loves Booboo's mommy, dadday, aunty here, and all of us would love him so much and spoil him.
5. He loves snow, he loves going running and jumping in the snow in winter, it's the best time of the year.
6. He loves texas road house. He'll get steak, ribs, breads, and peanuts everytime we go there. He even recognize the name and smell of it.
7. He loves to see buster, lily, and all his other friends, even kitty. He is the big kind fatass among them (kitty is the mean fatass).

and that's why he should stay.........

13 September 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Salute of the day

Ginga Boo and Kitty salute Sam Noon, who has set up a charity to help prevent cruelty to street dogs in Sri Lanka. The programme involves sterilisation and vaccination, followed by attempts to home the dogs. The charity is called Little Bo's animal welfare.

I knew tourism brought benefits, but this is beyond awesome. I wish the civil warriors in Sri Lanka would do more welfare and less warfare.

08 September 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Gingaboo and religion

You might have assumed that Ginga and Booboo were not too much into that spiritual life-thingy. You could not be more wrong. Here are a few pictures that illustrate how Ginga and Booboo live their faith and whom they worship (beside the next human who will feed them of course).
Here is one of the Egyptian Deity that Ginga and Booboo worship: they were told he is kept in some heaven called the "Met".

And how they do that is by holding the same pause prior to lunch.

Not bad posturing if you ask me.

Sometimes Ginga will bow his head in reverence but he reserves such honor to the other Egyptian diety, Cleo. This one is a living goddess who conveniently lives in the same apartment. She is the obviously the goddess of opulence but she also has a temper.

One of Ginga's cousin working in the police force is considered a deity by some humans (here for instance, by my sister). He is a very debonnaire god who allows his subjects to massage his belly.

19 August 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga and Boo through the ages

GingaBoo through the ages

Recently we found out that generations of GingaBoo had been roaming the USA. An old photo of them was unearthed by myself aka Dr. Mosi from an antique store in Lafayette. This explains their undying love for each other, it's carried on for a few centuries now.

ThirstySeriously, though, GBs are enjoying themselves as it's cooled off enough to go back to the park again. They get very tired as they haven't run free for some time so we have to get them back into the swing of things. Ginga's developed a habit lately of pulling very strongly on the leash when he wants to go somewhere. I've been countering it by not letting him go there until he stops pulling. Let's see if this works out. Before he only used to pull very strongly when he had to go poopoo. BooBoo's fine but he's taken to barking a bit more than usual.

She just wants to sleepI've hatched a new scheme for getting the cat to stop attacking the dogs. The scheme is that I only feed her when the dogs are in her sight. Therefore, dog=food and the cat should be very happy... then maybe Dr. Mosi can unearth an ancient picture of the dogs and the cat together.

05 August 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

I have a kitty in bed

Cleo is in my room until she stops attacking the doggies so I've been spending some quality time with her. She graciously agreed to model for the camera. Her eyes were always watching for alien 4-leggeds trying to get the jump on her though, I don't think she quite trusts me to keep BooBoo away.

Cleo is too fat for her own good - we even have a song about it - so she is on a strict diet of 1/2 cup of cat food every day. I think it won't work because she just sleeps more if she doesn't have enough food. Getting chased around by GingaBoo might work for the weight issue, stay tuned for more news on that. Here's Kitty saying good morning to me:

Watch the dogs, they are not to be trusted!

It may not be the best idea to get the doggies and the cat together, she can reach the dog treats on top of the fridge. What if they team up?

30 July 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Starring Ginga as Oliver Twist

Please sir, can I have some more?

"Please Sir, May I have some more?"

Pawsted by Daisuke

o ginga, where r thou?

hey ginga's daddy, i began to wonder if ginga moved to zimbawae yet, to chase the elephants. funny story of ginga hitting his head (poor ginga...killing his precious little brain cells). oh, funny story when we use to live with him in williamsburg apt on the ground level (where u guys came to meet him, remember?). he used to come running down the stairs and skid thru the entire corridor as the florring and his paw did not produce enough friction, he would then hit the other end of the corridor which made him stop. it was funny to look at as u could see ginga just skating away. cute lil bugga.

29 July 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

BooBoo pic and Ginga story

I-mei's not doing her job (neither is Daisuke) ...so I had to post something...


I love the new camera. For some reason it takes great BooBoo pics. With the old cam, good BooBoo pics were few and far between. Now I get at least one good pic of him every time I try.

Lest fans of Ginga think this post was all about the Boo, here's a Ginga story:

A couple of weeks ago I-mei and I were walking the doggies. Ginga stopped to stare at something on the right side. I said, "come," and walked on. I could feel tension on the leash and looked towards Ginga, he was walking forwards but looking sideways. Then he smashed his head straight into a metal support for a tree. Being the scaredy cat that he is, he got scared by the noise and ran forward. He has a really strong head, so I have a suspicion that the tree is going to grow crooked now. If only we had a video camera, we might have won 100,000 dollars on america's funniest home videos or something.

04 July 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

All about Boo

These are interesting flowers, they were there in the morning but no sign of them in the afternoon.

BooBoo loves flowers

Beware the eye of Sauron... but yield to the eye of Boo:

30 June 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Just another day at the GBs?

Ginga Boo had some fun in the park...

Face off


... or did they?

We take a closer look...

That's not BooBoo!!!!

Here's the BooBoo:
Boo, mini-Boo(Riley), Ginga

So BooBoo met mini-BooBoo aka Riley, our neighbour. Ginga and he had a good time playing with her. She's a poodle / eskimo dog mix. Looks a lot like BooBoo with hair.

Here's a Ginga Boo pic for comparison:
You want some of this?

And another Boo pic just because people get upset with me when Ginga gets to star in more pics on the blog than BooBoo.
He loves the water

27 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

A Ginga story

As you know, there is a small concern about Booboo's weight.
So to remedy the slight weight loss, we figure that a bowl of puppy food every night can help him gain some needed muscles. Evidently, there is no such worry about Ginga :).
The problem is, everytime we give Boo puppy food, Ginga becomes increasingly depressed that he is deprived of the bonus food, especially tastier food.

To comfort his hurt feelings ( in the eyes of the Gingster, there is probably no bigger injustice
than unequal distribution of nourishments ), I-mei likes to hug him in a tight embrace for long minutes and whispers to him that he is as loved as much Booboo and that this situation is just temporary. You have to know that I-mei's hugs to the doggies are notorious for being of the choking kind. So at some point, either Ginga or Booboo have to escape for air. Today, Ginga decided to escape before the hug becomes unbearable. However, I-mei felt very sad about the early separation and started to fake-cry. We never tried that before so I expected Ginga to just walk on behind the table as he usually does. His reaction was priceless: first he looked startled and then he came back to I-mei and curled into her belly to comfort her and cuddle. It was the sweetest thing. For good measure, he added a little roll-over and a big Ginga smile. Yep, seeing that definitely felt like a royal treat.

PS: It is Madagascar's independence day so GB's had to have their walk outside with small multicolor lanterns.

21 June 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

A gift for William Wales

Prince William of Wales? or England? anyway William of Wales is celebrating his 25th birthday. A reporter was rhetorically wondering what does one give somebody who has everything. Well, I have the answer - a day with BooBoo and Ginga.

So, in the morning, Ginga comes in and wakes you up with a big sloppy kiss.

Then he positions and repositions his body for a massage. Even though it sounds like work, giving a massage is very good for relaxation. He will tolerate big hugs during this process.

By the time the Ginga massage is done, BooBoo will come in for an arse-rub and he gets very excited when you get up.

Then Ginga Boo perform a little wrestling match for your benefit - especially if you like photography, this part is a lot of fun.

A long, relaxing walk follows, during which Ginga and BooBoo attempt to compete with each other by seeing who can poo-poo the most. BooBoo is about half the size - it's amazing how he manages to keep up. This must be one of the wonders of the world.

During the walk, other doggie parents are running around and you get to meet them, as well as people driving by who smile at you very kindly. This is particularly good for the prince, as he can be sure they are smiling at him because of the doggies, and not because of his fame and fortune and all that stuff.

Then, training time... as long as some treats are brought out, doggies will cycle through everything they know - sit, lay down, roll over, speak etc. and you can teach them new stuff as well. Ginga in particular becomes a genius when there is food around. It's extremely satisfying when they do what you want them to...

One can then go for enjoying nature aka taking the doggies to the woods so they can go off leash and you can enjoy the wild outdoors. Now you can find where squirrels hide and how fast they can climb up a tree when faced with BooBoo and Ginga.

Once home you realise that you are out of treats and go to the store to get some. When you get back they jump around and are very excited to see you, even if you just took 10 minutes to come back. Well BooBoo does the jumping around and Ginga dances.

I've never seen any paparazzi around gingaboo so the prince will be safe in that regard too. In conclusion, the best gift to give the prince who has everything is a day as a commoner, with a chance to get unconditional love from some little Princes.

17 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

GingaBoo approves of Paul Potts

A not-dog related video at all but just because this is so awesome.....
And also, Booboo and Simon Cowell are distant cousins. What ? You could not tell ?

12 June 2007

Pawsted by imei

Climate change: the 12 things Gingaboo would like you to do

To save their beautiful environment. (http://www.worldwildlife.org/climate/involved/individuals.cfm)

11 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

This is ..... GINGA !!!!!!

It' s summertime again which can only mean one thing: blockbuster movie and ice cream season is upon us :D ! Yay.
GingaBoos are celebrating in style and recommend:
"Pirates of the Carib. : At World of GingaBoo's End," "GingaBoo's 13" and of course, "I now pronounce you Ginga and Booboo". (As Joey Tribbiani would say: that was some very gentle comedy....)
But first, in case you missed last summer's blockbuster featuring GingaBoo,
here is a reminder of "300 (GBs)".

You may not remember them because the sudden fame got too overwhelming so they ask the producers to remove their names for the credits and use face-doubles, but hints of their athletic bodies are still visible in the final version.
Casting was quite easy, Here is what the producers were looking for:
1) King Leonidas: chiseled chest, scruffy face, powerful voice, engaging smile, fearlessness, jumping abilities and natural leadership.

Ginga was a natural fit (maybe not the last 3)

2) King Xerxes: conniving mind, athletic yet lean body, ambitious yet prudent, savvy in the art of dodging and retreating and recently shaved :)....

That's Booboo in a nutshell.

Famous quotes:
Ginga: " Tonight we dine in hell ! ( the juicy steaks down there are to die for) "
Ginga:" Madness ? This is GINGA !"

Booboo:"It's not my bark they fear. It is my divine power."

We also have footage of an epic battle that occured this week-end at Munger park's battleground against two "thespian" terriers ( Cherokee and Apache) , hopefully the clip will be allowed by the youtube marshalls :D.

04 June 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Awful for human good for doggie

Poor BooBoo!

At the start of summer BooBoo starts dragging on the leash outside, hanging back when we are walking and taking no interest in anything. This signals to us that he's getting overheated and needs a shave. The shave makes him look like a flying squirrel or an overgrown rat. Poor BooBoo... and to top it off Ginga is trying to pull his leash with his tail. Well we'd rather take happy BooBoo over pretty BooBoo any day... suggestions were made to shave Ginga but he would be at risk of a sunburn if we did that so I vetoed them.

02 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

What are the odds ?

Here is a spooky coincidence as we enjoy a bit of tennis watching the French Open in Paris. You ma think this has nothing to do with Ginga and Booboo but you would be mistaken.
Check out the picture below: Nothing out of the ordinary, right ?

Well, let me explain:
This mixed double match at the French Open features Mirza/Santoro vs King/Cermak.
Sonia Mirza is is not only Mosi's compatriot but she is also his favorite lady with a racquet :D.
She is playing with Fabrice Santoro, who not only is French but was born in St-Martin ( in the hospital where my dad works ) and my favorite player under 6 feet :D. They decided to team up for the 1st time this year at the French open. Hum,.... weird, hey?
But wait, the spooky stuff 's not over. The other team is made of V. King, who is a Taiwanese-born American (I-mei's turf) and the other guy, D. Cermak is Czech (The GB's favorite aunty is fluent in Czech).
I told you it would be spooky.
So is that all coincidence ? Let me rephrase, would you bet against the odds that Gingaboo's distant cousins are currently sitting courtside this double's match, barking instructions at the players ?
I know I wouldn't and I would not be surprised either if a hamster or an obese cat find their way on the court at some point.... Game, set, match GB's !

OK, many apologies for that nonsensical-tennis-interlude post on the Gingaboo blog. To make up for it, here are pictures of Ginga and Booboo doing the victory celebration with their own teamates:

28 May 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

The hamster

Ginga Boo have a new friend - the as-yet-to-be-named hamster. This girl was let loose in the wild after some time of petdom - the previous owner believed that (s)he was freeing the hamster. Well, as the saying goes, if you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you it is yours, if it doesn't, you never had it. The smart hamster found her way back to the building that was her home and I-mei & friends adopted her as a mascot. Now she is all decked out in a new cage with an excercise wheel and such. We tried to put her in the wheel so she could get some excercise, but she's been slow to take to it. She keeps jumping out. Probably because we tried to put her in during the day - hamsters apparently sleep during the day and are active at night. Anyway, some progress was made and she did turn it a quarter of a turn. After that she got tired and started to eat.
Good eats

She's also getting used to the new cage - the old plastic box that she came with did not have any bars. So she thinks that she can get out and have her run of the place by chewing through the bars. We better be on the alert for a breach.
Let me out of here!!!

So far she doesn't like being picked up too much, she bites a little. I'm using the same technique on her as on the cat - the Cesar Milan "Sssshhhh" and trying to be all calm and assertive. It worked with the cat, not sure about the hamster.

11 May 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Modus vivendi during commencement

It is commencement week-end here at Purdue. Family and friends have converged to "beautiful" Lafayette to celebrate the achievements of Mosi and I-mei.
The pets are also very excited to see their grandparents, cousins and uncles. There were plenty of jumping on and abrking at the Yu's and Warrier's of this world. However, it also forced cats and dogs to spend more time together. It was a bit of a challenge but they did quite well in the end. Except for the cat who is so confused that she decided she was grocery and jumped into a plastic bag. Maybe Ginga whispering to her that she looks good enough to eat finally got to her. The Ginga is such a smooth talker.

Boo to Cleo: "hey there good looking..."
Cleo: " In you dreams pal..."

Is that a cat in your bag or you are just happy to see me ?

It is a cat ! Bingo !

06 May 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

A little love story

Lily lives near some beautiful woods. Ginga and Boo went to visit. All pics are taken by "the Doc," captioning by Mosi.

Lily may have some more recent wolf ancestry than we thought. She looks so beautiful.

Dog or wolf?

How come they never get into a bathtub with as much excitement?
Ginga and Boo getting wet

Lily water

BooBoo noticed how good Lily was looking and tried to impress her by showing how fast he is.
He's fast

And here he is at it again... any girl would love a guy that can balance that well, right? Maybe BooBoo was a gymnast in his past life.
Balancing Boo

To top it all off, he's romantic too. Here he is thinking about which flower to pick for Lily. Awww....
BooBoo and the flowers

Lily finally got impressed and went over to have a talk with BooBoo.
Lily and Boo

Ginga wasn't part of all that action, he was keeping his head low trying to look for food among the vegetation... finally he raised his head to take a look
Head of Ginga

He did not like what he saw! BooBoo was getting too close to Lily. So he tried to look cute.

That didn't work on Lily, but the humans were very impressed. So he thought... and plotted...
wet Ginga

...and being a man... ahem... dog of action...
Lily and Ginga kiss
...just kissed her...

BooBoo was not very happy about the whole thing. He was shocked... all that running, the balancing, the flowers... and fatass Ginga just kisses her... and she seems to enjoy it!
Sorry BooBoo, nice guys usually finish last. Having been in the same situation more times than I can remember, I sympathise with you.

Ginga and Lily watched a dejected BooBoo swim away and lived happily ever after - well at least for the remaining half hour till they went back to their respective homes.
Lily and Ginga

29 April 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager


Ginga and BooBoo's friend Chloe came visiting from Chicago to get away from the big city and enjoy life in the rural wilderness. We introduced Ginga to Chloe first. Chloe initially didn't take too well to Ginga's sniffing of her behind and there were a few moments when Ginga got told off. Ginga also got snapped at when he tried to mount Chloe... Ginga - not on the first date, buddy. Fatass treated Chloe with a little more respect after that and we think he's on the path to becoming a true 'gentledog.' This is Chloe.


Wish I had muscles like that!


Ginga and BooBoo also had lots of fun. And, they responded to "Come" very well. OK OK so we had to bribe them!

Happy BooBoo and Ginga

BooBoo Ginga Chloe

All the doggies decided to have mud baths. Wish they were as happy about having baths in good, clean water. Ginga decided that he was going to try to avoid the after-walk bath by rubbing some of the mud off the grass.

Scratch off the mud

BooBoo later had fun in the fountain - that did not save him from a proper bath though. Even the high pressure of the fountain couldn't take off the smell of whatever dead animal he had rolled around in.

BooBoo has a drink