29 April 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager


Ginga and BooBoo's friend Chloe came visiting from Chicago to get away from the big city and enjoy life in the rural wilderness. We introduced Ginga to Chloe first. Chloe initially didn't take too well to Ginga's sniffing of her behind and there were a few moments when Ginga got told off. Ginga also got snapped at when he tried to mount Chloe... Ginga - not on the first date, buddy. Fatass treated Chloe with a little more respect after that and we think he's on the path to becoming a true 'gentledog.' This is Chloe.


Wish I had muscles like that!


Ginga and BooBoo also had lots of fun. And, they responded to "Come" very well. OK OK so we had to bribe them!

Happy BooBoo and Ginga

BooBoo Ginga Chloe

All the doggies decided to have mud baths. Wish they were as happy about having baths in good, clean water. Ginga decided that he was going to try to avoid the after-walk bath by rubbing some of the mud off the grass.

Scratch off the mud

BooBoo later had fun in the fountain - that did not save him from a proper bath though. Even the high pressure of the fountain couldn't take off the smell of whatever dead animal he had rolled around in.

BooBoo has a drink


e said...

oooh Chloe is pretty cute!

Who likes Chloe more? Boo Boo or Ginga?

Habca & Miriam said...

Hi there, that's a very nice blog with marvellous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Mosilager said...

e Ginga was a bit scared of her after she told him off. After the park they started playing together. In the park Chloe was running around with BooBoo more. She wasn't interested in guarding the path like Ginga, she wanted to smell things all around and get into the jungle.

habca & miriam thanks for coming by!

Amrita said...

Love the pictures of BooBoo in the fountain, and Ginga rolling in the grass! :)

Hope the G gets some love next time.

Mosilager said...

amrita Ginga and Chloe were getting along extremely well by the time she left. Hope they remember each other for next time.