08 September 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Gingaboo and religion

You might have assumed that Ginga and Booboo were not too much into that spiritual life-thingy. You could not be more wrong. Here are a few pictures that illustrate how Ginga and Booboo live their faith and whom they worship (beside the next human who will feed them of course).
Here is one of the Egyptian Deity that Ginga and Booboo worship: they were told he is kept in some heaven called the "Met".

And how they do that is by holding the same pause prior to lunch.

Not bad posturing if you ask me.

Sometimes Ginga will bow his head in reverence but he reserves such honor to the other Egyptian diety, Cleo. This one is a living goddess who conveniently lives in the same apartment. She is the obviously the goddess of opulence but she also has a temper.

One of Ginga's cousin working in the police force is considered a deity by some humans (here for instance, by my sister). He is a very debonnaire god who allows his subjects to massage his belly.

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