21 June 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

A gift for William Wales

Prince William of Wales? or England? anyway William of Wales is celebrating his 25th birthday. A reporter was rhetorically wondering what does one give somebody who has everything. Well, I have the answer - a day with BooBoo and Ginga.

So, in the morning, Ginga comes in and wakes you up with a big sloppy kiss.

Then he positions and repositions his body for a massage. Even though it sounds like work, giving a massage is very good for relaxation. He will tolerate big hugs during this process.

By the time the Ginga massage is done, BooBoo will come in for an arse-rub and he gets very excited when you get up.

Then Ginga Boo perform a little wrestling match for your benefit - especially if you like photography, this part is a lot of fun.

A long, relaxing walk follows, during which Ginga and BooBoo attempt to compete with each other by seeing who can poo-poo the most. BooBoo is about half the size - it's amazing how he manages to keep up. This must be one of the wonders of the world.

During the walk, other doggie parents are running around and you get to meet them, as well as people driving by who smile at you very kindly. This is particularly good for the prince, as he can be sure they are smiling at him because of the doggies, and not because of his fame and fortune and all that stuff.

Then, training time... as long as some treats are brought out, doggies will cycle through everything they know - sit, lay down, roll over, speak etc. and you can teach them new stuff as well. Ginga in particular becomes a genius when there is food around. It's extremely satisfying when they do what you want them to...

One can then go for enjoying nature aka taking the doggies to the woods so they can go off leash and you can enjoy the wild outdoors. Now you can find where squirrels hide and how fast they can climb up a tree when faced with BooBoo and Ginga.

Once home you realise that you are out of treats and go to the store to get some. When you get back they jump around and are very excited to see you, even if you just took 10 minutes to come back. Well BooBoo does the jumping around and Ginga dances.

I've never seen any paparazzi around gingaboo so the prince will be safe in that regard too. In conclusion, the best gift to give the prince who has everything is a day as a commoner, with a chance to get unconditional love from some little Princes.


Amrita said...

Aww....can I also get a day with GingaBoo on my birthday? Or is being a royal a qualifying criterion? ;-)

Lovely post Mosi :)

AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

Forget William -- I'd say President Bush is deeply in need of the Gingaboo treatment!!! You know... help turn him into a human.

Mosilager said...

amrita - any time, girl!

karen - ha ha ha ha ok I'm literally ROTFL. That's hilarious. Although I think Bush is starting to grow on me - I thought his illegal alien plan wasn't so bad.
Star Wars was just on TV - the part where Anakin says something like "if you are not with me, you are my enemy," and Obe-Wan says, "Only the Sith deal in absolutes." Reminded me a lot of the prez.

e said...

awwww too sweet
I'd love to spend a week with gingaboo. Can you send them over like some kind of "homestay" in Tokyo?

Thank you so much for signing the pledge.

Fei and Eve (and sometimes, caz)

Ellee said...

Mosilager, you might like to visit this canine site too, I'm sure she would be delighted to hear from you:


Shilpa said...

me want some Gingaboo time too!! hell, me want some Prince Wills time, too :D

Habca & Miriam said...

Obviously, you can make a business out of this idea. Me too I think your description ofa GingBoo-day sounds tempting... So when can we come over? (I hope GingaBoo can handle all the strangers around..? The schedule will be tight...)

lova said...

GB have been "upgraded" to princes ? How come I never get upgraded :D ?

Mosilager said...

e :D we'll see what can be done - maybe a doggie exchange program? fei in usa and gingaboo in tokyo?

ellee thanks for the link, it's a nice blog.

shilpa gingaboo time - no problem - prince william time is getting difficult i heard as he's back with his ex.

habca & miriam always welcome... hmm... yes good idea we could start a tourist relaxation home with ginga boo as the star attractions. maybe in the cayman islands... should get on the phone to my favourite venture capitalist.

lova we could upgrade you to 'formerly known as prince' if you like :D