29 July 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

BooBoo pic and Ginga story

I-mei's not doing her job (neither is Daisuke) ...so I had to post something...


I love the new camera. For some reason it takes great BooBoo pics. With the old cam, good BooBoo pics were few and far between. Now I get at least one good pic of him every time I try.

Lest fans of Ginga think this post was all about the Boo, here's a Ginga story:

A couple of weeks ago I-mei and I were walking the doggies. Ginga stopped to stare at something on the right side. I said, "come," and walked on. I could feel tension on the leash and looked towards Ginga, he was walking forwards but looking sideways. Then he smashed his head straight into a metal support for a tree. Being the scaredy cat that he is, he got scared by the noise and ran forward. He has a really strong head, so I have a suspicion that the tree is going to grow crooked now. If only we had a video camera, we might have won 100,000 dollars on america's funniest home videos or something.


Amrita said...

LOL! Ginga is such a dork...an adorable one of course.
Excellent picture of BooBoo!

Mosilager said...

ginga definitely has some moments. Because he looks so dignified normally you wouldn't tell that he had just done the stupidest thing on the planet.

:D now I have you commenting on the same pictures on flickr and here. Awesome!

Amrita said...

I'm not stalking you, I promise! ;)