27 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

A Ginga story

As you know, there is a small concern about Booboo's weight.
So to remedy the slight weight loss, we figure that a bowl of puppy food every night can help him gain some needed muscles. Evidently, there is no such worry about Ginga :).
The problem is, everytime we give Boo puppy food, Ginga becomes increasingly depressed that he is deprived of the bonus food, especially tastier food.

To comfort his hurt feelings ( in the eyes of the Gingster, there is probably no bigger injustice
than unequal distribution of nourishments ), I-mei likes to hug him in a tight embrace for long minutes and whispers to him that he is as loved as much Booboo and that this situation is just temporary. You have to know that I-mei's hugs to the doggies are notorious for being of the choking kind. So at some point, either Ginga or Booboo have to escape for air. Today, Ginga decided to escape before the hug becomes unbearable. However, I-mei felt very sad about the early separation and started to fake-cry. We never tried that before so I expected Ginga to just walk on behind the table as he usually does. His reaction was priceless: first he looked startled and then he came back to I-mei and curled into her belly to comfort her and cuddle. It was the sweetest thing. For good measure, he added a little roll-over and a big Ginga smile. Yep, seeing that definitely felt like a royal treat.

PS: It is Madagascar's independence day so GB's had to have their walk outside with small multicolor lanterns.


Amrita said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... :)

Happy Malagasy Day of Independence

lova said...

Hey Amrita,
let's sing in unison:
" Ry tanindrazanay malala O,
Ry Madagasikara soa"
In retrospect, let's not. It is definitely not the best national anthem out there. :(

Amrita said...

"Ry tanindrazanay malala O,
Ry Madagasikara soa"

(God bless copy-paste ;) )

I would love to actually hear it sung...will look around on youtube.

:-) cheers Lova.

Mosilager said...

that's my Ginga. I have raised him to be an upstanding gentleman, coming to the aid of damsels in distress.

Happy independence day lova and are you hinting at proposing that 'nkosi sekelele africa' becomes the official anthem of all southern african nations?... maybe it should be 'allez allez allez' by ricky martin.

lova said...

@ Amrita,
sung like a true Malagasy :)
@ Mosi,
hou, I would like that(Nkosi sekelele as a unified anthem) !
Not too hot on ol' Ricky, how about: that "You are not singing anymore" teasing chant we heard in Chicago ?

Sushruta said...

man can gb turn their charm factor a little bit down so that i dont get another dawgiiee :)

e said...

oh boo boo... and ginga!!!!!
That is so sweet.
Ginga is a SNAD (sensitive new age dog)

p.s. Can you pls send me your snail mail address? Id like to send GingaBoo something.

Fei and Eve

AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

Ginga is so sensitive.

When I need to put some weight on Graidy, I feed him a higher quality kibble and give Kiera a little senior kibble (low calorie) just so she has a little something too.