11 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

This is ..... GINGA !!!!!!

It' s summertime again which can only mean one thing: blockbuster movie and ice cream season is upon us :D ! Yay.
GingaBoos are celebrating in style and recommend:
"Pirates of the Carib. : At World of GingaBoo's End," "GingaBoo's 13" and of course, "I now pronounce you Ginga and Booboo". (As Joey Tribbiani would say: that was some very gentle comedy....)
But first, in case you missed last summer's blockbuster featuring GingaBoo,
here is a reminder of "300 (GBs)".

You may not remember them because the sudden fame got too overwhelming so they ask the producers to remove their names for the credits and use face-doubles, but hints of their athletic bodies are still visible in the final version.
Casting was quite easy, Here is what the producers were looking for:
1) King Leonidas: chiseled chest, scruffy face, powerful voice, engaging smile, fearlessness, jumping abilities and natural leadership.

Ginga was a natural fit (maybe not the last 3)

2) King Xerxes: conniving mind, athletic yet lean body, ambitious yet prudent, savvy in the art of dodging and retreating and recently shaved :)....

That's Booboo in a nutshell.

Famous quotes:
Ginga: " Tonight we dine in hell ! ( the juicy steaks down there are to die for) "
Ginga:" Madness ? This is GINGA !"

Booboo:"It's not my bark they fear. It is my divine power."

We also have footage of an epic battle that occured this week-end at Munger park's battleground against two "thespian" terriers ( Cherokee and Apache) , hopefully the clip will be allowed by the youtube marshalls :D.


imei said...

haha, booboo's divine power.....

Mosilager said...

Wait... gingaboo wouldn't be greek, they would be goths and picts back in the day. or maybe obelix and asterix heh heh.

lova said...

@imei: divine power probably comes from the helmet.
@mosi: so it's william "boo" wallace and King "Ginga" Karolus Magnus then ?