21 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Doggie phone call saves life

Doggie phone call saves life

This is a smart doggie... she bit "9" on the phone which was set up to call 911, the US emergency number when her owner fainted. Well, that's the perfect reason for the BooNga's to learn how to make a phone call.

20 June 2006

Pawsted by imei

Booboo's knee

For awhile booboo has had a knee/leg problem that everytime he gets up after laying under the couch or sleeping for a short time it seems that his left back leg is sleepy or hurting. Last saturday morning I went to walk gingaboo and encouraged them to play with each other. Ginga got excited and ran directly into booboo. Booboo whined a bit and stop right there, lift his leg up and looked at me. Ginga ran back to play and boo barked at him, but his barking was all whine, no voice was coming out. I went to check him and he was lying down. After that and all sunday he seemd to be ok, walking ok, not putting too much weight on that leg; and still has it sleepy when coming out of the couch. So Monday daddy Lova took him to the doctor. Apperantly he had a dislocated knee in one leg and a sprained knee or thigh on the other. Both the back legs were bad. Poor booboo. I am not sure that ginga running into hin had cause all this since the sleepy leg problem was there for a long time. But at least when we took him to the doctor in May he had been checked and it was thought to be fine. Good ginga was there by booboo's side when they went to the doctor together. It didn't seem to hurt booboo too much with the dislocated knee but he is on pain killer now and should not run or move too much. We are adviced to check at least a week to see if it gets better. I am happy we took him to the doctor. I guess it can't hurt to be super cousious. Booboo also lost couple pounds, maybe due to the summer heat (coz ginga also lost one, haha). It's time for a hair do for the booboo.

16 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Doggies are resting after a full day of football

Do I sense some sorrow in the GingaBoo because Ivory Coast didn't get through to the next round?



10 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Germany 4-2 Costa Rica

Yes it was all fight at the GingaBoo house when Germany took on Costa Rica in the first game of the World Cup. Every time Costa Rica scored, BooBoo started barking. Ginga was not impressed, he had supreme confidence that his team Germany would win this match. He kept quiet until BooBoo decided to cheer Costa Rica on a little too much and started his own little football match... only it was more like a mouthblanket match. I didn't know they were so dedicated...

08 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Bring out the popcorn

Bring out the popcorn, it's video time!
Lily, BooBoo and Ginga running to us... the voice in the background is Dagmar.

Stockley and Lexus playing by the house:

05 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

New doggies!

Ginga and BooBoo have new friends... Stockley is 10 months old and Lexus (the poodle) is 11 weeks old!




04 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Walk through the woods

Ginga and BooBoo visited their friend Lily at her house. Here's Lily:
20060603_1642 copy 20060603_1614 copy

Some chasing going on...
20060603_1575 copy

20060603_1617 copy

Lily rustled up some deer... Ginga did a double take, I think it's the first time that he's seen deer... he started to give chase but realized that 'them giant rabbits way too fast'.
20060603_1618 copy

Fatass did some work for a change... this backpack is awesome! I was supposed to review it which I'll do later... but the bottom line of that review is that it keeps Ginga behaving well and excercises his muscle and lets us carry water / treats for them easily. Win win...
20060603_1599 copy

It's hot out here!
20060603_1581 copy

20060603_1593 copy

Walking makes me hungry!
20060603_1612 copy

Cooling down at home... well it looks like they still have a lot of energy.
20060603_1645 copy

Lily wanted to come back with us... maybe she can come for a vacation later and play with the GingaBoo.

03 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Court bars man from seeing dog

Court bars man from seeing dog

A lower in Spain has ruled that a man can have visitation rights to his ex-wife's dog. A higher court ruled that he cannot and such lawsuits should stay out of the court system. It does sound like something that the husband and wife should have organised on their own rather than leaving it to the courts. I wonder how the ginga / booboo custody battle will go...

01 June 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

beijing 2008, here we come

Ginga and Boo training for the swimming competition at the olympic games:

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Is Ginga French ? :)

Ginga/boo's nationality has been the subject of a hot debate among us recently. Let's review: Ginga's potential citizenship: US (country of birth), German ( strongly supported by the doc and his "phenotype"), Zambian (future destination ? hoho), Indian (Duh), Japanese( Ginga is "the milky way" in Japanese) Taiwanese ( a stretch but we will let it slide for now) and Mexican ( he is "Cesared" after all).
Booboo's : US (country of birth), Taiwanese (duh), Scottish ( border collie's origin) Malagasy ( he is bearing my name after all), French ( the constant barking has to come from somewhere ) and German/Indian ( see Taiwanese comment above) the custody battle for the dogs are going to make "war of roses" look like "week-end at barneys").
Anyway, a surprising contender has sneaked in for Ginga's citizenship: Vive la France ! Why you ask ? You have to check Ginga's fighting technique in the video below to wrestle the "blanket of love" away from Booboo. One of I-mei's labmate, upon observing his "fighting while laying dow " strategy, asked: "What are you, French ?" It was an uncalled poke at the expense of the French, but still very funny. If you worry about the French bashing in this post, keep in mind I also am a French citizen :). "We kid cuz we care, right ? ":). Anyway, Enjoy the Ginga/Boo deathmatch for the "blanket of love" and the Ginga "piece de Resistance" :).