16 October 2007

Pawsted by imei

Ten reasons ginga should stay....

1. He LOVES Booboo, he'll be so sad without him.
2. He loves Booboo's bed, he sleeps in it all the time and he is so comfortable in it.
3. He loves Booboo's company in the parks, the walks, the plays and fights. He'll miss booboo so much.
4. He Loves Booboo's mommy, dadday, aunty here, and all of us would love him so much and spoil him.
5. He loves snow, he loves going running and jumping in the snow in winter, it's the best time of the year.
6. He loves texas road house. He'll get steak, ribs, breads, and peanuts everytime we go there. He even recognize the name and smell of it.
7. He loves to see buster, lily, and all his other friends, even kitty. He is the big kind fatass among them (kitty is the mean fatass).

and that's why he should stay.........


lova said...

Oh boy, here we go ...:D.
# 10 should have probably been in font 48 Arial Black....

Misty the Alpha Poodle said...

With 8, 9, and 10, you really don't need any other reasons.

Mosilager said...

Hey hey hey hey...

#1 - This is why BooBoo should come also
#2 - Yup, the bed should come too
#3 - See #1
#4 - Absence makes the heart grow fonder... when you guys come to visit the doggies will love you more.
#5 - we get snow in africa, i'll take him to kilimanjaro
#6 - he'll get steak, giraffe, lion, elephant... and i'm sure we got texas roadhouse too
#7 - that's true... but he loves me more than he loves them
#8, #9, #10 - he loves you but i'm his soulmate!!! he will be very unhappy without part of his soul!

Therefore, I refuse to acquiesce to your request...

Jude said...

Hi there:

Long time subscriber to your wonderful blog. I hope you aren't really thinking of moving Ginga to Africa because it would requiring flying him in freight -- a terrifying and occasionally lethal experience. Plus given that so many airlines now are experiencing long delays, it means he would be even more vulnerable to temperature changes/airline errors.

Mosilager said...

Hey, Jude, nice to know you like the blog... should have commented before, but better late than never :) Did you find it through flickr?

I know flying will be hard on Ginga but I'm trying to get it so that he only has 2 flights to take with a small stopover in between... and I'll send him with the best. He was already left behind once and was very sad for a while... so don't want him to go through that again. He'll be happiest being with me so I'm weighing a lifetime of that vs. 24 hours in a plane... right now the move makes the most sense.

Jude said...

Yeah, I am your classic lurking fan -- faithful reader, comments almost never -- sorry! I think I originally found you when dog bloggers were circulating the Z list of doggie bloggers. I think. My memory is way weak.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Ginga's happy ending.

Amrita said...

I'm really thankful right now that I have never met Ginga....else I would have cried that he's leaving. As it is, virtually speaking, he's still around.

I feel really bad for BooBoo, Lova and I-Mei though..

Wishing the G and his daddy a great and safe flight...

Kitty the cat said...

Here is my list:
#1- I want more food
#2- I want more massage
#3- did I mention more food ?
#4- Ginga should stay because he makes me look sexy.
#5- Ginga should go because he ate my food once.
#6- Ginga worships me.
#7- then again, everyone does.
#8- I gave Ginga 2 bacon treats to protect me against the "barking Boo". If he cannot fulfill his contract, I request sheeba can food for compensation and interest.
#9- Someone tells Booboo to quit sniffing my derriere.
#10- What ? The list was not about me ? :D

Habca & Miriam said...

Uh, that's difficult. I don't like the idea of dogs in airplanes, neither... But a trip with his soulmate to Kilimanjaro sounds pretyy good... Good luck anyway, BooBoo!

Rohini said...

Ok so now I am confused... aren't both Ginga and BooBoo your dogs?

imei said...

No, they are both mine......:D

Mosilager said...

hi jude... hey thanks for reading, we haven't been very good at updating lately :( but probably once i start figuring out how to get him to zambia there will be some posts. I guess the bottom line is that i need him more than he needs me, so he goes with me.

amrita - thanks... awwww... but you can always visit zambia to meet him.

kitty - get back to your diet and excercise and off the computer... and stop attacking gingaboo.

habca & miriam - thanks

rohini - booboo is imei's and ginga is mine (down to the microchip they both have). we just never had a big issue because we were all together... now the custody battle is going on all over the cafes and internets :)

i-mei - they both love me the moooost!!!

Habca & Miriam said...

Have you thought of a complicated psychological test to find out who loves whom how much in the whole pack? I think that might help. Rohini: I have been confused, too. I think they themselves are. ;-)

Jude said...

Has Gina safely arrived yet?