11 May 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Modus vivendi during commencement

It is commencement week-end here at Purdue. Family and friends have converged to "beautiful" Lafayette to celebrate the achievements of Mosi and I-mei.
The pets are also very excited to see their grandparents, cousins and uncles. There were plenty of jumping on and abrking at the Yu's and Warrier's of this world. However, it also forced cats and dogs to spend more time together. It was a bit of a challenge but they did quite well in the end. Except for the cat who is so confused that she decided she was grocery and jumped into a plastic bag. Maybe Ginga whispering to her that she looks good enough to eat finally got to her. The Ginga is such a smooth talker.

Boo to Cleo: "hey there good looking..."
Cleo: " In you dreams pal..."

Is that a cat in your bag or you are just happy to see me ?

It is a cat ! Bingo !


Author Mom with Dogs said...

So does that mean you're outta there now? Where to next? Any one of them the countries you listed for me -- gosh you've gotten around!

Yep BooBoo and Border Collies are very similar to Aussies in temperament and style.

Amrita said...

Yay for commencement time. It's so much fun!!
Congrats again Mosi :)

Did all the animals get graduation regalia as well ? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

congrats mosilager!! :-)

Mosilager said...

karen yeah, come from a family of renowned travellers! i'm here for a few months, then out, don't know where. haven't seen europe really or south america :)

amrita thanks a lot, the doggies refused to wear the cap otherwise there would have been some pics with it.

tgfi thanks!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Love the cat in the bag, the expression tells it all, he would much rather be doing something else! :)

Shilpa said...

hahah.. classic expression! and congrats mosilager :)