27 August 2006

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Art of relaxation by BooBoo and Ginga

1. Find a space and get a good night's sleep...


2. Find another space and get a good afternoon's rest...

3. Hug your favourite toy...
Whatchu looking at?

4. Chill with friends...

5. That's it... relaxation central!

22 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

My daddy/brother's B'day !

Alright, we are having a party over here in honor of daddy / big brother b'day ! So come join in, leave a note or a joke in the language of your choice, if we get more than 6 different tongues, drinks on Rakoto ! Cheers, mate !

20 August 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Cesar Millan for President

I think Cesar Millan aka the dog whisperer should stand for the next Presidential elections. He has a vision for the people of America. Like the dogs of America, the people need Excercise, discipline and then and only then affection in the form of a pat on the head. They also need a firm leader because there are only 2 positions in the mind of the American public, either a follower or a leader. Cesar, after honing his leadership capabilities for years on people who have dogs will now try to lead people who don't have dogs. Here are some of his thoughts on the issues affecting the USA...

Medicare - everyone knows that medical care in the USA is expensive and that it will be broke in a few years leading to old people not being able to buy medicines at a price they can afford. Cesar's solution is simple - excercise and discipline... get a dog, walk it every day for 45 minutes and once you get old, there will be no reason for medical care. One day while bending over to scoop the poop of your dog, you will die... but you will die healthy and happy.

War on terror - Cesar will eliminate terror within 6 months of taking office. The terrorists are frustrated because of a lack of excercise and discipline. They need at least 45 minutes of walking every day and calm, assertive leadership which Cesar will provide. They will not be allowed any affection until they are calm and submissive. Exceptional cases will take a vacation at the dog psychology center in Los Angeles where they will be thrown in with a mix of pit bulls, rottweilers and dobermen that have killed animals and people in the past. This therapy has reformed even worse offenders within a few minutes.

Illegal immigration - Cesar will eliminate this problem 2 days after taking office. The answer is open borders with Mexico until their economy rivals the US's, or until global warming causes an ice age and US citizens have to move to Mexico just because it wasn't affected by the arctic freeze.

Education - Cesar will ensure that everyone learns the mantra of success - excercise, affection, and then discipline. They will also learn to be calm and assertive pack leaders. "No dog left behind" will be the new educational policy, as well as "a leash for every student."

Abortion - There are too many people on this planet. We can learn something from dogs here again, vasectomies and hysterectomies will be actively encouraged. This will eliminate the need for abortion.

Since Americans have proven themselves unable to find a decent president for the past 6 years, let an ex-Mexican run the show. Hey, a guy who whispers to dogs can't be worse than a guy who claims to talk to God.

(Sponsored by the committee to elect Cesar Millan to the Presidency of the USA ok ok this consists of 1 member, namely myself, and I can't even vote, but hey... somebody has to get the ball rolling. I would have nominated Russell Peters but he's Canadian.)

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18 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Cleo is not a cat anymore ...

We have evidence that cleo has slowly transformed into a dog by catching on the dog-friendly vibe in the apartment:
1) She is now the size of a small dog: 12 lbs ( all fat and fur)
2) she has mastered the Ginga roll-over move.
3) everything takes a back seat to treats and other cat food.
4) cuddling with human is fun and gets you more treats.
5) It is OK to enter the bathroom when people are in it.
6) Voice your opinion as often as possible.

But here is the definite proof: today while trying to jump down from the top of the fridge on to the kitchen counter to get her food, Cleo wanted to avoid spilling her milk so she jumped a little too close to the edge. The problem is, she forgot she gained a little weight so her momentum carried over the edge and towards the kitchen floor. A cat would have recovered gracefully by spinning in mid-air and fall on their paws ( hence the saying: " a cat always...."). Not this cat; she just was totally panicked by her mishap and let herself fall on her sizeable derriere. Needless to say, she was unhappy and a little embarassed by the incident and try to pretend it never happended. I really wish I had a camera. So Chanakha, it's a cat/dog that you wil be getting.; hope that's OK by you.

17 August 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog for Doc?

Ginga is at his vacation home, which means that I am daily threatened with him permanently staying there by his aunty the Doc. Now if I don't hang out with Ginga often I get in a bad mood. You might say I'm addicted to Ginga, or perhaps a part of my soul is in Ginga. Anyway, to alleviate this custody battle I have found another Ginga for the Doc. Everybody needs a little Gingalicious in their lives and Sheba is very Gingastic. She is up for adoption at the Tippecanoe County humane society, and interested people (hint, hint: Doc) can phone (765) 474-5222 to set up a time to see her. I suggest a new name, she looks like a Laila to me.

Check out the comments section here for more on my previous plans for absconding with BooBoo as well as Ginga.

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dadas are the new mamas

Today I was walking Ginga in a park around his vacation home. I was unofficially trying to teach him how to walk nicely behind me to watch where I was going. Otherwise he'll just run on ahead and ignore me. Of course I had some food to help him learn a little faster, so to speak. The new training goal is to have no tension on the leash and have him listen all the time without pulling. I mostly managed, except when he was close to some ducks and stopped listening for a few seconds. As I was walking, I saw a man with two children. One was walking while the other one was being pushed in a pram, or whatever they call those things with four wheels, seatbelt and sunshade for little babies. Ginga had been searching for a grassy spot for his um... substantial waste and he found this approximately two metres away from the kids. The father smiled at me as Ginga set about his toilet with gusto and the smiley yet intense face that only he can manage. I smiled back ruefully and picked up Ginga's offering to the Earth Gods as the park has an adage, 'pet waste spreads disease.' After doing the complete round of the park where Ginga was again very well behaved and ignored little children and babies when told, I came up on the trio again, this time parked about 2 metres from me on the grass on the side of the path. As I passed them the Dad grinned ruefully at me. Yes, in his hands was a fresh diaper and on the ground was a soiled one. I grinned back at our shared experience and continued to walk with Ginga.

As I walked away, I thought about how unlikely the scene would have been just 30 years ago, where we men would have let our women handle the kids and their nappy changes outside. Progress is good.

14 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Dr. Ginga's examination

Dr Ginga: well, let's see that wounded knee... humm, no suspicious smell, the scar looks like it's healing properly. I will prescribe you some tap water, a few cheesesticks and plenty of walk under my personal supervision. However, it is imperative that you do not eat any dog treats or human food, especially when I am not there.
Booboo: That's fine by me doctor, but there is a problem, that's not my knee you are smelling.

13 August 2006

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Ginga's tattoo

I don't know if it is because Ginga got bleached in the sun but I noticed a tattoo on his back:


I think it's a phoenix, which means that Ginga is from Griffindor, which means that he is Ron and I am Harry ha ha ha. Actually he's more like Sirius and I think I'm like Hermione so maybe I should avoid that particular analogy.

Pawsted by Mosilager

temporary reunification

...preview for people who haven't been following the story: BooBoo had surgery on his knee so Ginga had to go away to his Aunty's house while BooBoo recovers...

Since BooBoo started wanting to play again and Ginga was extensively walked in the morning, we decided to bring Ginga home again so that they could meet and check up on each other and Ginga could tell BooBoo about the diet and the ducks and the swimming and how much he is missing his daddy and BooBoo while he is on vacation. They met, they sniffed each other and then decided that it was all too much and lay around until the hammering started. Then uncle Lova took them outside.



Ginga started appreciating fine art:


This is Ginga's best impression of BooBoo face:


11 August 2006

Pawsted by imei

Dear future mom.....

Dear future mom,

How are you? Since the last time you came to the duck park with me I haven't seen you at all. My daddy keeps telling me that there is no future mommy for me. What does that mean?? why don't I get a mommy?? Booboo has you as mommy; why can't I ??? Aunty is also saying something like I am German or I will go to Germany. Why am I German? I thought I am Ginga. Is Germany another park? Can I still chase ducks there? I haven't got one for my booboo yet.
How is booboo? Could you tell him that I miss him and I will come to see him soon~~

your dear sweet little slutty Ginga....

07 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Booboo to Ginga reply

My dearest Ginga,

I was so ahppy to receive your letter. My mummy had to read it to
me because I cannot get to a computer just yet. I am doing much better now,
thank you. I was having a hard time moving around before but lately I found myself
yearning for my squeaking elephant toy and even the magic blanket :).
Since you have been on vacation, I realized that I learned a lot from
you, I appreciate treats more and cuddling is actually more enjoyable. I hope that when I am fully recovered, you will take me with you to the park and teach me duck herding tricks, it sounds like fun. I am still mostly laying down on the mattress for most of the day with a human by my side and they feed me all sorts of treats. Apparently I am on a weight gaining program, quite ironic, don't you think ? I am grateful for their company but they would not let me clean or scratch myself. How weird is that ? Do I stop them from showering ?
I hate to admit it but I miss you, miss you dearly actually. I would
give up the blanket if I could get to play tag with you again, even
for just 5 min. The silver lining is that the next time I see you, it
would probably mean that things are moving along in the right direction.
Big hug,
your "not-so-hairy friend anymore" Booboo

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06 August 2006

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Ginga's letter to Booboo

Dear Booboo,

I haven't seen you for awhile; how have you been?? I am at aunty's place. My future mommy came couple times and told me that you are busy recovering and cannot play with me. What is recovering? is it something good to eat? why can't I recovering with you?
Our favorite aunt is very nice to me, though I think my food taste different here. I go to the duck park a lot, they always make me go into the water and catch the stick for them. I don't understand why they cannot hold on to the stick by themselves. I think you must know because you never had to go in and get it for them. I have been trying to get you a duck as a present. So far I can only get the stick though, but you like stick as well, right? How is our home? Is the magic cage still there? you know, the one that always has good treats show up in it?? Would you save me some? I am trying to lose weight by eating less and poopoo a lot, because my daddy and future mommy all say that I am too heavy for you. She also said that you are trying to gain weight. Are you eating well? are you on vacation, too? When will I see you?

your dear fat ass Ginga.....

04 August 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga's vacation

Since BooBoo is recovering from his surgery, Ginga can't be around. One of our friends, the Doc, a fan of the dogs, offered to take Ginga and he's been living there for more than a week. (She refused to take the cat). Ginga's been brushing up on his chasing and swimming skills with some ducks:


and some geese:


He only caught a stick however...

That's a refreshing dip in our 30 degree heat!


Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

The story of Ginga and Booboo in sight and sound.

From "the 1st time" apart to reunited forever :), here is "Boonga Mountain".

02 August 2006

Pawsted by imei

Missing ginga and Boo's mistery haircut

I haven't seen ginga for 5 days. When I talked to him on the phone he would roll over and show me the belly :) The sweet fat ass must miss me and booboo.
We had to take off boo's big collar coz it's driving him crazy and he started shivering all over. We just have to watch him so he doesn't bite his sutures off. We all thought he looks much better with the hair cut he gets this year; but as a comparison, here is how he looked like last year when we all sigh around him and tried to comfort him about his look :

I think he looks exactly the same except the big tail last year and maybe a little skinnier this year !

01 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

update: Booboo is an astronaut....

The itching of sutures on his leg got the best of Booboo so he ripped his red bandage off. The wound was not ope though but his actions got him a new lamp shade or (E-)collar until the sutures are removed. He has not taken it too well at first but he is getting used to it now. 2 more days to go Booboo, you can do it ! Some twitching in his limbs have appeared since the new collar so we are monitoring it closely. Thanks a ton to all well-wishers. Ginga and Boo are grateful for your kind heart and send you an appreciative (and in unisson) "ruff, ruff"