19 August 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga and Boo through the ages

GingaBoo through the ages

Recently we found out that generations of GingaBoo had been roaming the USA. An old photo of them was unearthed by myself aka Dr. Mosi from an antique store in Lafayette. This explains their undying love for each other, it's carried on for a few centuries now.

ThirstySeriously, though, GBs are enjoying themselves as it's cooled off enough to go back to the park again. They get very tired as they haven't run free for some time so we have to get them back into the swing of things. Ginga's developed a habit lately of pulling very strongly on the leash when he wants to go somewhere. I've been countering it by not letting him go there until he stops pulling. Let's see if this works out. Before he only used to pull very strongly when he had to go poopoo. BooBoo's fine but he's taken to barking a bit more than usual.

She just wants to sleepI've hatched a new scheme for getting the cat to stop attacking the dogs. The scheme is that I only feed her when the dogs are in her sight. Therefore, dog=food and the cat should be very happy... then maybe Dr. Mosi can unearth an ancient picture of the dogs and the cat together.


Rohini said...

Unless of course they decide to get some of that cat food for themselves...

lova said...

you must have read Ginga's mind :)