28 June 2008

Pawsted by imei

Ginga asleep....

If you turn the volume really loud you might be able to hear it... It's actually really loud in real life, just our camera does not record the sound well...

Also the fat cat likes to roll over...

26 June 2008

Pawsted by Daisuke

some pics of ginga few yrs ago

14 June 2008

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

There Can Only Be One (GB version)

We are in full NBA finals mode in GB land.
Ginga and Boo support the Boston Celtics because Ginga favors hearty clam chowder over sushi and Booboo is afraid of snakes ( K. Bryant is known as the Black Mamba..don't ask why).
Anyway if you are not familiar with the "there can only be one" NBA ads, here is a chill inducing video for all hoops fans:

Anyway the NBA finals were a good break from a drilling primary campaign as illustrated by this:

Here is our version of the ad:

There were more unfortunate versions as well:

Yeeeesh, that's not pretty...

Quick GB again (in color this time) to wash that image off: