17 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

GingaBoo approves of Paul Potts

A not-dog related video at all but just because this is so awesome.....
And also, Booboo and Simon Cowell are distant cousins. What ? You could not tell ?


Amrita said...

Paul has an amazing voice!!

And I got a good kick out of the funky Brit accents :)

lova said...

Hey Amrita,

I too love the way Paul says: "I am quite shooocked actually"

Amrita said...

hehe Lova...

Btw guys...did you see the finals? Paul was fantastic! And he sang an Andrea Bocelli number and Nessun Dorma...I was blown away.

lova said...


I am buying cell phones from Paul only from now on !!!!
COOOONTE Partirooooo !!!!!