30 July 2007

Pawsted by Daisuke

o ginga, where r thou?

hey ginga's daddy, i began to wonder if ginga moved to zimbawae yet, to chase the elephants. funny story of ginga hitting his head (poor ginga...killing his precious little brain cells). oh, funny story when we use to live with him in williamsburg apt on the ground level (where u guys came to meet him, remember?). he used to come running down the stairs and skid thru the entire corridor as the florring and his paw did not produce enough friction, he would then hit the other end of the corridor which made him stop. it was funny to look at as u could see ginga just skating away. cute lil bugga.


Mosilager said...

No, No, D, Ginga is still very much in USA with BooBoo. Ginga might go to live with his grandparents in Zambia soon if things go my way.

Amrita said...

That's such a cute story! I can totally imagine it happening too... hehe..

lova said...

"Ginga on skates"
Priceless ! Thanks daisuke. Ginga is the gift that keeps on giving. :)