24 November 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

(canine) Heights

This is the long overdue post on the tag of heights from Rohini.

Height of bliss

The humans leaving for work and forgetting leftovers on the coffee table. The hardest part is to NOT flinch until they left the room and then...it's free for all ! Especially great days when steaks were in the menus.

Height of cruelty:

65 degrees (Fahrenheit) weather for Thanksgiving, sunshine all around and no parks. NO PARKS ! Sorry I shouted but that's inexcusable. Thanks for nothing, humans. ;(

Height of Reward:

Resting on the couch or on the bed after a long day of jogging in the park. Pretending to be deeply asleep so that we cannot be chased off the bed.

Height of dieting:

Diet ? What diet ? We shall not surrender to any diet. when Mel Gibson's braveheart was asked: "diet of freedom ? ", didn't he answer: "Freedom!" ? At least, I think that's what he was asked but I could be mistaken.

Height of comparison:
Hummm.....Booboo: 38 lbs, "mid-thigh".
Ginga: 68 lbs, knee-high....
(R)nuff' said.

Height of rivalry:

Booboo decided to challenge me,Ginga, into my favorite game of "rolling-over and showing the tummy to the humans for massage", a.k.a the "whoring for cuddling" test-match. He is still a rookie but he is getting there.

Height of cleanliness:

Once in a while, Booboo decides to inspect my (Ginga) posterior for suspicious nuggets. Then, infallibly, he goes on to kiss everyone for celebration. Good times.

Height of Joy:

The Humans coming back from work (with cookies !), we are even to dance a little bit...sometimes.

Happy thanksgiving ! I hope you were done with the feasting before reading though :). If not the case, sincere apologies from The GB's.

23 November 2006

Pawsted by imei

Potent Ginga Farts!!!

Few nights ago I took gingaboo home to have a little dog vacation with them. I was in my bed nicely reading harry potter and booboo was of course laying next to me on his side of the bed and ginga was curled on booboo's bed on the floor. All the sudden ginga got up and walked out, pretend to check something out in the bathroom. 5 seconds later I smelled something like rotten egg mixed with spoiled fish and old trash. The famous potent ginga fart!!!! Even ginga thinks it's too stinky and left the room after he farted!!!!! Oh my sweet little ginga.

15 November 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

For Ginga's B'day....

We have been a bit lazy here on the Boonga Blog lately. Mosi has a valid excuse, for the rest...hummmm :(. Today is children's day and it is also Ginga's birthday. So to make up for the lack of post, here is not one, not two but 3 videos of the Boonga world:
1st video: Happy Ginga: soundtrack:" Joy to the world" and "Snickers song"
Sing with us:
" Little Ginga was a Bullfrog, a very good pet of ours...Joy to the world, to the dogs and lords, Joy to the doggies in the big blue sea, Joy to GingaBoo"...
Ginga, captain of the "flying steak".

2nd video: Booboo dance on the bed to celebrate Ginga's day.

3rd video: kitty's wearing..something for the party.

Happy children's day !!!!