08 December 2007

Pawsted by Daisuke

Ginga's childhood phobia with cats

hey imei , i think its got to do with ginga's first expereince with a cat with conditioned him to be afraid of them...
we were going home for our first vacation and took ginga to a hostel, it kept both dogs and cats. ginga saw a cat which was roaming outside and went to play with it with full excitement- thinking of exploring a new creature. the cat probably thought otherwise and ran her paw across ginga's face as he went close. ginga made a loud squeaky noise and looked shocked. he backed a few steps, the cat was starring at him - and he decided to just leave from there.

i think she really got ginga's face with her nails, as he was trying to touch it with his paws (probably bcooz it was burning)

poor gingaloni


lova said...

So that's why. Poor Gingaloni !
Maybe Booboo needs a friendly whack fromthe cat as well and everything will be well afterwards.
PS: Gingaloni sounds like an Italian delicacy, just about right for Ginga.

Daisuke said...

lova- just to let u know...Ginga has more names (about as many as a hindu god). although Ginga's tiny brain only responds to one. cute little bugga.

b.t.w. where is he now? in zambia?

Anonymous said...

Daisuke - Ginga is still here in Lafayette with BooBoo and very happy.
He definitely responds not only to "Ginga", but also i.e. to "Fatass" (excuse my language). Just shows the constant verbal abuse he has to go through with us :). He himself is very comfortable with his weight. Blissful Ginga world!

Daisuke said...

oh yea..fatass ginga. he deserves that one well. some more:

Don Gingalone (from Don Corleone- try lifting one of his paws with your hand and kissing it like in godfather...ginga dosent quite get the play and responds by licking ur hand back or giving a big smile...pretty funny)

butthead (try knocking on his skull...u hear a loud empty noise...hence this name)

monkey (if u only look at his head, the black shadding is in a perfect formation like a monkey)

wimppy (bcoz events prove that ginga is wimp)

thats it for now...thinking abt these makes me want to see ginga more badly.

is ginga's daddy in Zambia now?

Anonymous said...

I definitely have to try the godfather thing and check out his monkey rendition. "Wimppy" goes pretty well with "Chicken" don't you think (sometimes I wonder if there is even a drop of German Shepherd blood in him). And yes, Zambia/India.
Lova, how about posting a Gnga pic for Daisuke.

Daisuke said...

so ginga is without his dad?

does he have a new dad or mom? is ranjit going to back to US or has he moved permanently?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is without a dad for now :(.

Anonymous aunty (thats me) has been upgraded to "full-custody" quasi-mum of Ginga for now :))).

Ginga has still I-mei aunty, Lova uncle and BooBoo in his life :).

Ranjit will be in Zambia for the next few years I think.

Mosilager said...

Yeah I wanted to leave ginga there for a couple of months while I get settled in Zambia. And also we were visiting India so didn't want him to be with strangers in Zambia. I'll send for him very soon.