02 June 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

What are the odds ?

Here is a spooky coincidence as we enjoy a bit of tennis watching the French Open in Paris. You ma think this has nothing to do with Ginga and Booboo but you would be mistaken.
Check out the picture below: Nothing out of the ordinary, right ?

Well, let me explain:
This mixed double match at the French Open features Mirza/Santoro vs King/Cermak.
Sonia Mirza is is not only Mosi's compatriot but she is also his favorite lady with a racquet :D.
She is playing with Fabrice Santoro, who not only is French but was born in St-Martin ( in the hospital where my dad works ) and my favorite player under 6 feet :D. They decided to team up for the 1st time this year at the French open. Hum,.... weird, hey?
But wait, the spooky stuff 's not over. The other team is made of V. King, who is a Taiwanese-born American (I-mei's turf) and the other guy, D. Cermak is Czech (The GB's favorite aunty is fluent in Czech).
I told you it would be spooky.
So is that all coincidence ? Let me rephrase, would you bet against the odds that Gingaboo's distant cousins are currently sitting courtside this double's match, barking instructions at the players ?
I know I wouldn't and I would not be surprised either if a hamster or an obese cat find their way on the court at some point.... Game, set, match GB's !

OK, many apologies for that nonsensical-tennis-interlude post on the Gingaboo blog. To make up for it, here are pictures of Ginga and Booboo doing the victory celebration with their own teamates:


AuthorMomWithDogs said...

So it's official? You've graduated? Yay! Hooray!

What's next?

e said...

And what a happy day that Gingaboo get to go attend too.

I can't wait for my graduation too... Fei will def be going!

Eve and FEi

Mosilager said...

hi karen, yup all 3 of us are graduated now and we're all still here, not sure what next right now.

e thanks! yes it was very nice of the doc to take care of and bring gingaboo to the graduations. When will yours be?

Amrita said...

So what you're implying Lova....is that...the world revolves around the GB....umm...fair enough :) I, for one, am dying to meet them. Maybe they are related to Tigs somehow too...

oh...and lovely pictures :) Congrats to the whole gang.

kingsley said...

congrats on your graduation!! :)

Why didn't Gingaboo get to wear the hat?? I was made to wear the silly hat when i graduated!! so fair!!

lova said...

yep, this is Gingaboo's world, we are just paying rent...and dog treats :D
GB will be thrilled to meet their Nuevo-Yorko cousin Tiggs :D

Shilpa said...

nice hat! gingaboo secretly waiting to claim as their own :D

Mosilager said...

kingsley gingaboo shook the hat off before we could take pictures... they did wear it for 1 second and 500 milliseconds respectively. they are both doctors now by the power vested in us.

shilpa we're planning to enroll them in one of those online universities so that they get some degree. i don't think the online uni's care who signs up :)