30 June 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Just another day at the GBs?

Ginga Boo had some fun in the park...

Face off


... or did they?

We take a closer look...

That's not BooBoo!!!!

Here's the BooBoo:
Boo, mini-Boo(Riley), Ginga

So BooBoo met mini-BooBoo aka Riley, our neighbour. Ginga and he had a good time playing with her. She's a poodle / eskimo dog mix. Looks a lot like BooBoo with hair.

Here's a Ginga Boo pic for comparison:
You want some of this?

And another Boo pic just because people get upset with me when Ginga gets to star in more pics on the blog than BooBoo.
He loves the water


AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

I thought BooBoo's hair had grown back awfully fast...!

I was fooled until I say Riley's face. Definitely not BooBoo.

Amrita said...

That was some fast hair growth!! At least that's what I thought...heh :)

Love the last piccie of BooBoo.

Mosilager said...

We couldn't believe it when we saw Riley running around outside... a mini-BooBoo... and the ancestry seems to be so different too.