27 May 2006

Pawsted by imei

Busy weekend for Gingaboo

Last Saturday we had a very nice long walk near Dagmar's house with Lily. The weather was perfect and the doggies enjoyed the water a lot. Even Lily went in!!

The day after we went to visit Joyce and her son. Gingaboo are so well behaved around the kid and we all had a very nice walk in the west lafayette trail. The boy loves them!

21 May 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga and BooBoo miss me!

I am convinced that Ginga and BooBoo miss me when I am gone despite all evidence to the contrary. Ginga was waiting for me to come back at night by sleeping in the living room and in my room, which he never does because he's allowed on Lova's bed but not on mine. BooBoo tripped down the stairs because he was thinking about where I am. They did not enjoy themselves on the walk as much as they could have if I was there. Even the Ginga had subdued behaviour on the walk because he was so sad about my temporary loss.

So, the doggies miss me!

20 May 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Dog whisperer piece in "The New Yorker"

Cesar Milan is getting the star treatment. Experts are trying to understand what makes him so effective at keeping dogs "calm and submissive". Cesar likes the energy flow to be just right, his dogs relaxed and happy and his "humans" to be "pack leaders". OK, I cannot do this, Ranjit, will you take over please ? Anywho, check out that article if you have time. It is written by my favorite author, Malcom Gladwell and the piece can even appeal to non-dog person as it touches subject such as presence and charisma.
In a related news, Ginga and Boo went for a long walk in the woods with their friend Lili. They met this dog who was very friendly but full of energy and in dire need of "cesaring"( video soon to come).

11 May 2006

Pawsted by imei

Little Angels Gingaboo~

One day I thought about that, many many years later, gingaboo will become little angels. Right then I had an image of ginga, with short wings, trying so hard to flying higher to reach the food. And booboo has nice lean pair of wings, gracefully moving around, and suddenly sees ginga trying to catch him up. Fatass?? again??? wooofwoooooofff~~~ haha~~
the other day, Lova woke up with ginga on the floor right by the bed. We think he must have fallen again from the bed and not noticed it. Funny ginga. He usually sleeps so deeply at night anyway and always snores. Since he is very cushiony the floor probably is as comfy as the bed. Booboo on the other hand prefer either behind the couch or under the bed. I wonder how those skinny bones can feel comfy there. Last night though they completely swithed. Ginga was behind the couch while booboo was on the bed. Yah, ginga fit in behind the couch!!! All those workout with the water bags finally pays off!!!! Booboo is also getting healthier and putting on some weight. Good boys!! mama is proud!!!!

05 May 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

I knew a lawsuit was coming

I was wondering for ever why Cesar Millan had not been sued yet by somebody - it's the price of fame in the U.S.... and apparently he has been sued twice this week, once by an ex-publicist who says she built up the idea for the Dog Whisperer and owns the copyright for the plot and Cesar negotiated with NatGeo to get the show. Another one by a TV producer who says that his dog was harmed at the Dog psychology center in an incident involving a treadmill and a choke collar. Hope the doggie is ok and everything gets sorted out... I would hate for Cesar's methods (which work) to be discredited because of this... lots of dog owners have been able to control their dogs because of Cesar's methods.

In other news, Cesar was on South Park... man that was a funny show... Cartman is out of control and Nanny 911 was unable to sort him out so they send for Cesar. I must say that they got the aspects of his training stuff correct, but definitely don't use that on your kids!