06 May 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

A little love story

Lily lives near some beautiful woods. Ginga and Boo went to visit. All pics are taken by "the Doc," captioning by Mosi.

Lily may have some more recent wolf ancestry than we thought. She looks so beautiful.

Dog or wolf?

How come they never get into a bathtub with as much excitement?
Ginga and Boo getting wet

Lily water

BooBoo noticed how good Lily was looking and tried to impress her by showing how fast he is.
He's fast

And here he is at it again... any girl would love a guy that can balance that well, right? Maybe BooBoo was a gymnast in his past life.
Balancing Boo

To top it all off, he's romantic too. Here he is thinking about which flower to pick for Lily. Awww....
BooBoo and the flowers

Lily finally got impressed and went over to have a talk with BooBoo.
Lily and Boo

Ginga wasn't part of all that action, he was keeping his head low trying to look for food among the vegetation... finally he raised his head to take a look
Head of Ginga

He did not like what he saw! BooBoo was getting too close to Lily. So he tried to look cute.

That didn't work on Lily, but the humans were very impressed. So he thought... and plotted...
wet Ginga

...and being a man... ahem... dog of action...
Lily and Ginga kiss
...just kissed her...

BooBoo was not very happy about the whole thing. He was shocked... all that running, the balancing, the flowers... and fatass Ginga just kisses her... and she seems to enjoy it!
Sorry BooBoo, nice guys usually finish last. Having been in the same situation more times than I can remember, I sympathise with you.

Ginga and Lily watched a dejected BooBoo swim away and lived happily ever after - well at least for the remaining half hour till they went back to their respective homes.
Lily and Ginga


Rohini said...

Awww... Booboo, hold on, in the long run, your gentlemanly strategy will pay off.

lova said...

This post got it all ! Awesome pics, funny captions. Great team work :) !

Shilpa said...

visiting after ages to see such lovely pics!! and yes, Boo your time will come and you will SHINE. btw, i finally came across a gay doggie the other day... he was clearly sniffing/barking up the wrong ahem, if you know what i mean!! but pretty hilarious :)

Mosilager said...

rohini hopefully it pays off before he reaches 80 and still single :)

lova thanks!

shilpa hey, always nice to see you around here. That's funny about the gay doggie. Sometimes they do hump as a dominance gesture rather than a sexual thing - maybe it was that?

Shilpa said...

hey, thanks for adding me to your RSS! as for the dominance vs sexual thingie, i think it was def the latter coz the humper was a tiny little thing compared to the mid-sized humpee :D

Mosilager said...

hey hey hey it's not the size... it's how you use it... i mean it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog... so I stil think it had more chance of being dominance than homosexuality.

Amrita said...

Awww - poor BooBoo!
The G is such a smartass!
Looovely pictures btw!