28 November 2008

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Thanksgiving in photos

First, a bit of playing and exercising:

Then a bit of eating (& begging for human food).

and finally, the tryptophane kicked in. Time for a nap:

Happy Thanksgiving to all from chilly Brunswick land, IN.

08 November 2008

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WE Are All Mutts

From Obama's 1st press conference:

It's the family's second criteria that may be the more difficult one to fulfill. Obama said the family would prefer to adopt a puppy from an animal rescue shelter.

"But obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me," said Obama in a self-deprecating reference to his father from Kenya and mother from Kansas. "So whether we're going to be able to balance those two thing, I think, is a pressing issue on the Obama household."

Ginga and Booboo are nodding along: yep, we are all mutts.

08 October 2008

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Ginga and Booboo endorse...

Top 7 reasons why Barack Obama is the choice for Ginga and Booboo:

7) they too got to live the american dream despite foreign parents.
6) because 80% of the rest of the world ( humans and pets) cannot be all wrong.
5) What's the deal with drilling in the polar bears' habitat ? You mess with polar bears, you mess with Ginga and Booboo.
4) You mess with Moose, same deal.
3) Shooting wolves ( Boo's cousins) from a chopper: WTF !?
2) They know all about being attacked based on their odd middle name ( Boo "Nutella" Yu and Ginga "fatasso" Warrier)
1) because Hannity and O'Reilly are just too darn annoying. No one is allowed to bark louder than Booboo and Ginga :).

28 September 2008

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Speaking of world peace

If we can achieve this, it should not be much harder for world peace...

Bravo!! Bravo!!

24 August 2008

Pawsted by imei


Dear daddy,

Mommy Imei tells me that today is your birthday. Happy Birthday (Wooof wooof)!!
I didn't really know what birthday is. Then she tells me that it's the day you can have a whole cake. It must be a really nice day! She says whoever wishes you happy birthday usually share a piece, too. Does that mean I get some cakes??
Did I tell you that last week when we went to the park I found really nice smelly water and managed to get all dark and messy?? And this time it didn't come off!!! Finally I am just like booboo!! But mommy washed both of us with stinky soap and it was all gone :(
I have been doing really well the whole summer! We had a lot of cheese sticks and honey. The little black cat no longer scratches my butt, and she likes to mimic my poses now. I think she looks a lot like me. How is your vacation so far?? Mommy says you are at a hot place with lions. Can you bring me back one? It sounds delicious!!
Okay, gotta go eat now!! Happy Birthday WOOF WOOF~~


PS: here is a birthday song from Booboo and I:

23 August 2008

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A nice Saturday~

It is very nice today so we decided to take the doggies for a run on the soccer field. The silly parents forgot to bring a camera so I just have to describe everything:
GingaBoo were running happily with each other, wrestling around and scaring people who were there playing soccer. They took a bath in the little water stream to cool down and sit right by us to get some shadow. We then took them to the fountain where booboo loves to play with the water. But the winner today was ginga! He's no longer afraid of the fountain, he actually walked in to the middle part and laid down in the water~~ He did scare a student there by approaching him with his big smiling face...
Then it's parents chilling time. We sat outside a coffee house having our gelato, the casher nicely brought gingaboo ice water. They laid by us and was just having a good time while another surprise turned up: It's Buddy!! Buddy and his daddy is back in town for a visit!! It's so nice to see buddy again. After so long gingaboo must have missed him. We also met stretch earlier this week. GB are meeting up with all their old friends!! A very nice saturday :)

28 June 2008

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Ginga asleep....

If you turn the volume really loud you might be able to hear it... It's actually really loud in real life, just our camera does not record the sound well...

Also the fat cat likes to roll over...

26 June 2008

Pawsted by Daisuke

some pics of ginga few yrs ago

14 June 2008

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There Can Only Be One (GB version)

We are in full NBA finals mode in GB land.
Ginga and Boo support the Boston Celtics because Ginga favors hearty clam chowder over sushi and Booboo is afraid of snakes ( K. Bryant is known as the Black Mamba..don't ask why).
Anyway if you are not familiar with the "there can only be one" NBA ads, here is a chill inducing video for all hoops fans:

Anyway the NBA finals were a good break from a drilling primary campaign as illustrated by this:

Here is our version of the ad:

There were more unfortunate versions as well:

Yeeeesh, that's not pretty...

Quick GB again (in color this time) to wash that image off:

23 May 2008

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Booboo & Ginga as Ebert & Roeper on movies with animals

The movie scene has been less than fascinating the past few years. Now here is hoping that Dr. Jones, Hancock and Che can revive the moribund atmosphere.
In the meantime, Here is the transcript of the live TV show on PetPlanet: "30 minutes with Ginga and Booboo" where they weigh in on a few of their favorite movies with animals:

Booboo: Good day fellow 4-legged aficionados, I am Booboo and my partner here as usual, is Ginga.
Ginga: Hello there from the Brunswick lounge. We have a guest today, Cleo the cat. If you hear some hissing, that's her way of saying two thumbs down because, well, she has no thumbs.

Let's get started right away with a discussion on recent movies that we had to mention: How about that "I am legend" flick, hey ? Decent movie but did they really have to kill my uncle's character ? Couldn't they let one of us finish the movie and ride in the sunset for once ?

Booboo: Yes, I understand your point Ginga, but in all fairness, they have a few of us doggies live until the end in "8 below".

Ginga: Oh, don't get me started on "8 below". That was probably the worst movie of all time. Can you imagine a movie about not having anything to eat for weeks ? In fact, I should have left that poor excuse of a movie and get a hot dog instead.

Booboo: Alright, Ginga obviously feels very strongly about this issue so let's move on to more agreeable classics: let's hear your take on Homeward bound: The incredible journey. It has a special meaning to us because of the characters: 2 dogs and 1 cat. The parallels are uncanny: forgetful owners, strong -willed pets with above average smarts who disagree on everything yet cannot be separated.

Ginga: huummm, does that make me the food-crazed bulldog ?

Cleo the cat: that's correct and I would be the Himalayan Princess.

Booboo: I have to say that the wise retriever leading the two foolish cubs was like life imitating art.

Cleo and Ginga ( bursting out laughing): haha, you are the the wise one ? Oh boy...good one! Ginga: You would have gotten all of us lost by chasing a rabbit and then you would have cried for mummy to rescue you. Hahaha, I have not laughed this hard since I pulled Mosi into the pound....oh dear, my tummy hurts...

Cleo: and there is no way I would have left that shelter to find you two idiots. To each his own, I say.

Booboo: Silence, you two. May I remind you that we are on live TV and I demand that you both address me with the respect that goes with the ranking I rightfully earned.

Ginga (to Cleo): oh, oh, here comes his Nicholson tirade. (Wait for it.....3,2,1...)
Booboo: "Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to ! "

Ginga (whispering t0 Cleo): Nailed it !

Cleo: He indeed cannot handle the truth.

Ginga: touche, my oversized feline friend.

BooBoo: let's move on, How about the "shawshank redemption" ?

Cleo: Err, how is that relevant here ? There are no animals in there.
Booboo: Ok, it's a fiction piece. My question is, what is the big deal about crawling through 100 yards of sewage ? We would do that in our sleep, right ? Overrated movie, thumbs down.

Ginga: But I like the wrongfully accused angle. It's like when I get punished by the humans for doing trash or scratching the carpet when it was actually you both with the misdeeds.

Cleo: Yeah, that always cracks me up. Good fun ! Humans sometimes make it too easy. Are we going to talk about "Garfield: the movie" at all ? The lack of movies made about kitty is already appaling, we have to at least mention this one, as dreadful as it was.

Booboo: That' s not even a real cat.

Cleo: And "Lady and the tramp" were real ?

Ginga: What ? What do you mean ? The tramp was not real ? But he is my role model, I even tried the sharing a noddle scene with Lilly. Awww, now I am depressed.

Booboo: We have 2 minutes left on the show: give us your favorite 5 movies of all time.

Ginga: Okay, The Neverending buffet...sorry..I meant... Story; The Lion King; Turner and hooch; Stand by Me and Underdog.

Cleo: Cats and Dogs, The Aristocats, The cat in a Hat, Cat on a hot tin roof and errr Cat..me of you can ?

Booboo: Wow, that's got to be the most subjective and nonsensical selection ever. I will go with:
As good as it gets, K-9, Benji, white fang and my best friend skip.

That's all the time we have today: thank you for having us today, we hope to do better next time and let us know if you have favorite animal movies you would like to share with us. Also please check out Mosi's flickr album, it has absolutely stunning photos, like this once for instance:

19 April 2008

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Of Fear, Food and Friendship

An "awww" moment on thursday:
As you may know, Cleo the kitty is now roaming freely in the appartment with Ginga and Booboo. They are indifferent to each other most of the time. It's especially true for the kitty and Ginga because Ginga is a bit intimidated by cats, for reason that Daisuke explained previously. Booboo is still trying to run at the kitty from time to time but kitty is less and less impressed so it's not as fun for Booboo.
Thursday, Ginga was in the bedroom with me, Kitty was napping in the hallway between the bedroom and the living room and Booboo was with I-mei in the living. I decided to get a drink for myself and treats for the doggies. I stepped over the stretching cat and open the treat bag, a sure signal that two fluffy heads will come soon enough with very interested looks on them. So I am quite surprised when only one set of pointy ears approached the kitchen. I turned around to look for the other 4-legged barker and I saw a doggy anxiously seating down by the end of the hallway, torn between proceeding towards the kitchen and not disturbing the queen kitty laying in the middle of the hallway.

You have to understand that there are very few things that can keep Ginga away from snacks. A burning fire is probably one ( not positive though) and the cat apparently, is another one. Cleo's psychological ascendancy on Ginga by now is well established. Cleo is, dare I say, the alpha-dog in the group. Booboo at first, was totally focused on not missing out on his treats but he realized that his partner-in-crime is oddly missing. He observed the whole scene, Ginga, the cat and the treats, then he analyzed the situation and knew what he had to do. He growled slightly to let the cat know he was coming and got a starting run. The cat jumped up and ran towards the other room. Ginga knew he had only a short window to escape so he got the clue and rushed towards the kitchen as Booboo made the diversion.
And that's how Booboo delivered Ginga from the "mean queen" Cleo and got him to get his favorite treats.
Another tale of fear, food and friendship in Lafayette, IN. Expect the unexpected. Booboo would never openly admit it but he does have a soft spot for his rounder brother Ginga. He is also warming up to his new sister but, one day at a time.

15 March 2008

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Photos from the vault (you can leave a voice comment by phone :) )

The Vuvox experiment did not go too well ( cannot really edit or add audio at this time) so here is another crack at a slideshow with voice thread that allows you to comment on each images. Feel free to add your own caption or comment to the photos.

09 March 2008

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Trying out a new tool: Vuvox

25 February 2008

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Ginga, Booboo and The Moldy Peaches

17 February 2008

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Ginga +boo + kitty= Cafu

It's been a while since the Ginga/Boo blog has been updated. That is because we were looking for the Brunswisk trio long lost's Parisian relative: meet Cafu, (3 months old on the picture).

His folks are Antso and Faly and they all live in Antony, France. He likes playing football ( hence the name after the Brazilian winger), hide and seek and Guitar Hero III.

He has Booboo's playful spirit,

Ginga's solid frame

and Kitty's attitude.
Cafu has probably doubled its size since the photo was taken.

04 January 2008

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Wishing everyone a pe(t)sful 2008 !

Here is plenty of GB love sent your way for 08 (yep that includes you, Cleo the cat).
update: how much love is GB love ? Well, we are not sure you have seen this footage but this is the idea; even the GB's may not been this friendly.

(And to Eve, Callum and Fei, GB were ecstatic when they got the card. GB's wish is that 2008 will be as wonderful for you as your spirit).