08 December 2007

Pawsted by Daisuke

Ginga's childhood phobia with cats

hey imei , i think its got to do with ginga's first expereince with a cat with conditioned him to be afraid of them...
we were going home for our first vacation and took ginga to a hostel, it kept both dogs and cats. ginga saw a cat which was roaming outside and went to play with it with full excitement- thinking of exploring a new creature. the cat probably thought otherwise and ran her paw across ginga's face as he went close. ginga made a loud squeaky noise and looked shocked. he backed a few steps, the cat was starring at him - and he decided to just leave from there.

i think she really got ginga's face with her nails, as he was trying to touch it with his paws (probably bcooz it was burning)

poor gingaloni

02 December 2007

Pawsted by imei

Ginga is afraid of the cat~~

When kitty and the doggies are together in the room, we usually only have to watch booboo so he and the cat don't end up in a bad fight. Ginga most of the time just stays away and mind his own business. And one time the stupid cat decided to run back to the room, which triggered ginga's instinct on chasing her. I heard her hissing and ran to the spot, all I saw was kitty trying to swing her little paw at ginga and ginga, as a chicken, turned around and ran full speed back to the living room, hiding under the table.
And of course booboo won't miss the chance to chased the cat after ginga and cornered her in the room when I finally caught up and yelled them apart. The problem is still between booboo and kitty, but ginga is probably ok to live with her already.
(Ranjit, buy one get one free???)