28 April 2006

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Ginga has a job

Ginga enjoying his new job as a water carrier in the park. Boo loves not being bothered as much too.

27 April 2006

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What I learnt from the doggies

1. Never let anything distract you from food.
2. Run, walk, play outside the house every day.
3. Always check your bed before laying down (go round and round three times).
4. There's always something good in the trash that shouldn't be there.
5. Always know where the toilet is.
6. Clean up afterwards (dig some grass on the area and run away from the scene).
7. Squirrels and rabbits want to play chase. That's why they run. Chase them!
8. There's always some food to be had if you sniff the ground hard enough.
9. Need massage? No problem, just train a human to do it. They love massaging.
10. Tennis is a game played by trying to catch the balls that come over the net. Humans can be trained easily to keep hitting the ball over.
11. Pay attention to what people do as well as what they say.
12. It doesn't matter who your friend is or how much they make or what they look like or where they're from. All that matters is how much time they spend with you and what you do together.
(OK I'm paraphrasing Cesar Millan on that one)

25 April 2006

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Dog abuse in Doggu Graib :)

No please, I can resist anything except tickling !( and cheese sticks... and ear massage... and dog treats...and sophie... )

Cannnn't breaaaaaaathe.....heeeeelp !

O freedom, Where art thou ?

I wish I were a little bird.... is that corn dog on the floor?

22 April 2006

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Dog Park for a day III

Ginga and BooBoo had a good time at the Dog Park for a Day again! Here are some snaps from the event.


Riley and Gracie (look like Ginga and BooBoo)
20060422_1362 copy

Honey, looks like the kids have gone. Let's play:
20060422_1360 copy

Doggies, come!
20060422_1339 copy

20060422_1338 copy

Come here you, let me see if you are Ginga. You look like him but smell a lot better.
20060422_1331 copy

Ha ha ha. I-mei looks like Ginga. Sweet revenge for her saying that I look like BooBoo.
20060422_1328 copy

Have you seen a small dark dog with a white tip tail? Have you seen a big brown Great Dane?
20060422_1327 copy 20060422_1325 copy

What are they looking at? oh...
20060422_1311 copy 20060422_1312 copy

"Any of you fine looking doggies care to come back to my place?"
20060422_1366 copy

Here's a little doggie acting all out of proportion and scaring off the bigger would-be playmates:

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Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

playing cat and mouse ( Cleo gone wild)

funny footage of Cleo hiding under the bed and springing out like a tasmanian devil. That giggle you hear in the back is I-Mei.

21 April 2006

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Ginga went!

Those were some super antibiotics! I was complaining that Ginga had to eat 2g a day, but it seems to have cleared up the problem already. No blood in peepee today and no shooting blanks either. G-dog is back on track.

In other news, GeeBee were very well behaved today on their walk. Maybe it was the heat, but they kept focusing on me rather than assorted smells in the neighbourhood. There was an incident where they tried to chase a rabbit, but I diverted their attention successfully so it was all good.

20 April 2006

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Ginga can't go

The poor Ginga, he had some trouble with a little blood coming out after he finished urination. Since then he's tried to go a few times and nothing comes out. He wouldn't eat ice either but he managed to drink some yoghurt. If it continues tomorrow I'll take him to the doc. He has to get his vaccination anyway, next month is the 1 year anniversary of the Ginga / Boo!

OK G-dog update - I couldn't go to the doc with him so I-mei did. They gave her some antibiotics for 2 weeks and then we have to go back with a urine sample. She said the antibiotics should start working by Sunday... heavy dose... 500mg tablets, Ginga has to take 4 / day! It'll be a job feeding him that stuff twice a day. Well, as long as it gets rid of the bacteria in his bladder.

18 April 2006

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BooBoo the comedian

When the humans go to work, Ginga and BooBoo join up with the other doggies for a little smoking, drinking and card playing. Sometimes there is some live entertainment provided, and today was BooBoo's turn.


Good looking crowd out there... Does anyone know what is up with humans and eating too much? I live with this tall skinny guy and he's always eating. Morning, evening, night... always eating... and when he comes back from that place he goes to every day, I can smell that he's been eating. What is up with not sharing the food? Dogs gotta eat well too. That dry stuff keeps the hunger away but it's not... how you might say... fulfilling. To top it all, the Ginga has 10Kgs on me and he gets even less food than I do. Those humans!

That's some stinky stuff they put on in the morning I tell you. There I am nicely sleeping and those guys wake up and, I think this is some misguided attempt to give me respect, they run to the room with all the water and proceed to wash themselves. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good mud bath just as much as any of you, but I don't like getting wet through with that non-black water. That cannot be good for you and these guys do it every day. They are probably torturing themselves to make up for all the time they should be spending attending to me. Why is "Lab" more important than me? Who is this lab anyway? I'd like to meet her and do some 'dominating' if you get my gist. Why do those humans come out of the water room stinking to high heaven? I try to tell them not to roll in whatever they're rolling in by laying outside but they don't listen. Anyone got any human-training tips? If they weren't so big I'd have given them a mud bath myself.

Don't get me started on the squirrels and rabbits of Lafayette. Those things be damn fast! I'm chasing and chasing and they disappear like the wind. I think they're on speed or something... there must be a Columbian rabbit cartel that supplies these guys. I'd like to get my hands on that and then they'd see.

Thanks guys you've been a great audience...

16 April 2006

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Cat and dogs in same room

We had a breakthrough with Cleo meeting the GingaBoo. Kitty stayed in her pet box while we distracted the doggies with a big piece of meat. BooBoo ate the meat and let Ginga finish off the bone. While BooBoo was eating, Ginga stayed away. Then BooBoo left the bone on the carpet and ran off to the kitchen. Ginga ran with him and came back and saw the bone. He thought, "Wow, a bone. Wonder who left it here. Awesome!" and ate it. He was oblivious to the cat or anything else going on around him for a while. Of course, the next day BooBoo had diarrhoea but Ginga had no problems whatsoever. I took Cleo out of the box and BooBoo started jumping around trying to smell her. She took off running behind the couch where he could not reach her while we Cesared him. Then she went under the bed and started exploring. After calming down the doggies, I took BooBoo in to the room and got him to calm down with the Kitty also under the bed. Then it was Ginga's turn and they both were pretty good at ignoring Cleo. Yay! Cleo took a little while to get comfortable and explored my room. I took Ginga in there and made him ignore the cat. She raced right in front of him (about 2 cm away from him) and he didn't care. BooBoo though started barking from outside and then Ginga got excited but I calmed him down again. Then cat decided to explore the living room while keeping a reasonable distance away from the doggies and eventually settled on top of the dining table. (No pun intended, it wasn't to make the doggies' lives easier). I then walked the BooBoo around the dining table, distracting him every time he decided to take an interest in the Kitty and eventually he was calm being about 20 cm or so away. He decided to drink and eat and everything was good. We packed the Kitty away again, but this bodes well for the future, but ill for my plans of taking the BooBoo as the Ilu's can't keep both.

14 April 2006

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I-Mei's lounge: Tonton the love of my life

BooBoo's mummy has a post about her first doggie Tonton. He is the brother of Ginga and BooBoo and lives in Taiwan.

12 April 2006

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Zambian doggie

This guy is at the humane society. If the house weren't full of cats and dogs already I'd take him. He looks like the doggies we have back home in Zambia (well at least partially). He is also in another country like me. Poor little Zambian doggie.


Notes: Napoleon is a big sweet beautiful young adult doggie who is looking for his forever home!

According to Napoleon's former foster mom:
He likes to play, run and wrestle with the other dogs in the house. He is house broke and will come to you to tell you he needs to go out, if you don’t pay attention he will bark at you as if to say, “I need out NOW” we have been working with the leash and walking, and he seems to be doing well with that also. I believe that he is only about 1 ½ years old, he still has a lot of puppy in him. He is very loving and needs a good loving home.

This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been altered.

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Parking doggies and friends

GB went to the park where they met lots and lots of friends. Buster was there, as well as BooBoo's love Sophie. Stretch and Rudy (aka Yoda) were there along with their new friend Honey. Rudy's parents are taking Honey for walks when they go as her owners cannot right now. Rudy's parents are awesome doggy parents! They have the calmest dogs around as well as taking on a really high energy doggy to walk. That takes a lot of work and responsibility and training so they win the doggy parents of the month award. Loki and Taya joined the fun later. Here are some pics from playtime...

Sophie, Stretch, Honey and Buster getting it on

Here's Ginga playing with his sister-in-law. Be a gentledog Ginga. Let her have the stick!

Well he didn't give her the stick but Stretch got interested. A threesome.

Stretch, Ginga, Rudy and Taya. Wasn't Taya in a recent movie?

BooBoo and Taya (or is it Loki?) There were two of the huskies.

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Mama Says So: My First Two Babies

Mama Says So: My First Two Babies

Mama (Rohini) finally made good on her promise and blogged about her doggies. They are very cute! It's very sad that they don't live with her and Daddy any more!!!

09 April 2006

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Spring Fest

There were many doggies at Spring Fest this time. We saw this big guy... 50kgs from what I understand... he's a Saints fan because he's called Ditka. I used to be a Saints fan when I lived in Louisiana, but now I have shifted my allegiences to the Los Angeles Lakers. If that statement makes no sense to you then you probably know something about U.S. sports. All I have to say is that I have exposed my ignorance of US sports to the whole world at my other blog (click here).



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More of Lafayette's finest pooches

Sophie, Stretch and Rudi(Yoda) have a new walking buddy. She belongs to their neighbour who is having some health trouble and cannot walk her. So Yoda decided that they would take her to the park every day! Yay!


In other news, BooBoo and Ginga met a Boonga... yes a German shepherd border collie mix called Nala who is only 8 months old. She can swim.. and was trying to chase down the ducks. Click here for her own webpage!




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Coco and Victoria's Secret

I found a blog about a dog with a cricket and underwear fetish (only the good stuff, Victoria's secret) here.

08 April 2006

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Dogs or Monkeys?

BooBoo was inspired by some squirrels to attempt to climb trees. Unfortunately he's only successful when the tree is almost horizontal. Ginga on the other hand missed the whole point of the excercise, which was to CLIMB the tree, not jump on it.

05 April 2006

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Driving Mr BooBoo

Ginga is driving Mr. BooBoo to the park...

02 April 2006

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How I met my humans:

"How I met your mother" is the GB tv show of choice when we are not around. Here are their stories:

Booboo: It was in January 2003, I was taking a nap on top of my 5 sisters at the Lafayette shelter resort. ( OK accomodations but way too crowded ). Then came this young lady accompanied by some dude. She started to make some really strange noises: "Oh, look at them, so cute..." I thought she was in pain so I came rushing to her and asked her: " ruff, ruff, ruff ?" ( are you OK ? Do you need a doctor? Random dude, call 911 !) She seemed OK as she picked me up. I bit her slightly to let her know: " no kiss on the 1st date" Litlle did she know that that was my routine for picking up humans. Until now, she thinks she picked me when, obviously I did. I mean, who came out of the dogpile to greet the other one ? It turns out that I actually picked up several other humans on the way that are now at my service. Got a little lucky, I guess. Ah humans... they always think they know everything...

Ginga: I concur. My human is dead set on believing that it was destiny that we met. He should know that I sent that picture of me to only a carefully selected few. At the time, he did not even know he needed me. We, dogs have to do everything, really. He finally got the hint and showed up with a bunch of dudes and Sir Booboo here. I guess he was shy, you know like those guys bar-hopping with many wingmen but looking for a soulmate.... thankfully, I took charge and as soon as a finished greeting the obvious leader ( Sir Booboo), I went to my human and layed on this lap with my patented move the "above the shoulder" look. I knew he would not resist. Destiny, mestiny, pets have to do all the work.

Cleo: Tell me about it. I had to brave gutsy winds, pouring rain and finally had to sneak into their building for them to notice me. Once I got inside, I zeroed in on him, I gave him a little "kitten in dispair" look,then a roll over followed by a Beyonce-like back arch. I knew he was mine. The key is to make them believe that they are in charge, that they are the superhumans who come to the rescue . Now look who are totally pet-dependent, organize their schedule around ours and fork the big bucks for our every needs? I rest my case.
Ginga: Amen to that, furball.
Boo: I hate to say it but I think the cat is right for once.
Cleo: Who are you calling furball, meatloaf ?

01 April 2006

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cleo is back in fine form :-) and sierra is back ?

Cleo' surgery went well apparently. However, she probably would not care for a trip to the vet anytime soon. She threw a fit just before the surgery and was such a feisty pest after the surgery that I had to come pick her up myself because she would not let any of the vet crew touch her, she was hissing and growling like a baby tiger ! That's my girl ! Cleo is one tough and loud cookie; Ginga/boo may want to think twice before messing with her :). Here are a few pics of Cleo and maybe a "sierra" sighting at the dog park ( probably wishful thinking ).

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Doggies still on vacation

Doggies are on the beach! And having a good time by the looks of it.


Happy April Fool's Day!

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Dogs on Vacation

Ginga and Booboo went for a vacation at their Aunty's. They were completely relaxed lay around on the "beach" together. Let's hope they brought their suntan lotion!