30 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

cleo vlog :-)

Well, a little update on the only female ( and only cat) of the dog blog ;). Cleo is definitely a socialite. Now she purrs like a Hummer when carried around. The training for the dog/cat meeting went rather well so things are moving along smoothly. A few problems though: 1) Sweet Cleo is .... how can I say this? looking forward to meeting a male cat of her liking ( any male cat probably). She has been very vocal about it and she is doing the dance that accompanies the chant 2) because of this, she sheds like the Ginga on a summer day and meows all night.
She is getting spayed tmrw :(. It is not cheap but for all our sakes and hers, it has to be done. More after the surgery , in the meantime, enjoy the video :) ( taken before the "in heat" period, her fave toy is the one that cost nothing, as usual with pets )

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28 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

GB and a Biscuit

Ginga and BooBoo met a new girl called Biscuit. She was recently shaved and looking to play! Unfortunately Ginga and Booboo didn't want to hurt her by playing with her and tried to get her to stay away. Some Cesaring by the humans was required to get her to back off and it worked, as always.




27 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

CSI lafayette

We are walking the dogs in the park and found a jacket. GBs thought it was suspicious and protected us from it by staring and barking.

26 March 2006

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Dog Park for a day II

Ginga and Booboo enjoyed themselves at the dog park for a day today! Check out some of the action featuring some of the dogs of Lafayette:

The name is Ga... GinGa:

Size doesn't matter:

Ginga looks into a mirror:

You have to stop sometime, Booboo, and Ginga's going to get you:

The name is Boo... BooBoo...

Lots more photos at my Flickr site
and at Beth's site.

The last dog park for a day posts may be accessed by clicking here.

23 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Baby Ginga

Ginga's mummy (motomama) sent baby pictures of Ginga... so here they are!

babyginga2 babyginga1

18 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga and Cat at OK Corral

Cat had to use the facilities so walked past the Gingster. He was struggling really hard to go and smell her. Anyway cat finished her business and took a good long look at the Ginga.


Later the cat had enough of being close to Ginga and climbed up, up and away:

cleoonfridge cleoonceiling

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16 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ash and Simba are looking for a home

Iknow that this is a "doggie" blog :) but I think that Ginga/Boo would approve of this SOS message for Ash and Simba. Here is their owner's plea:
"My name is Julie Jackson. I am a Veterinary Technologist in the small animal
> internal medicine department. I am desperately seeking a home for my two
> adult male cats that I have had since babies. I am engaged to a man who has
> numerous allergies (including cats). Currently they are living in my
> apartment but we have bought a house and my lease will be up April 1st.
> All they need is room and board. I will continue to pay for ALL routine
> medical care and food. I want the best for them. Also included would be
> their 2 story cat condo, bowls, carriers, toys, and any other supplies I
> have. I would prefer they stay together. They will tolerate dogs and I'm
> sure they would adjust to other cats with time.
> They are both around 11 years of age and have been indoor/outdoor cats. They
> are neutered, declawed, current on vaccinations, urinalysis, and dentals.
> They have had no medical problems. If you are interested, e-mail me and I
> can send pictures or set up a meeting. Please keep anyone in mind that you
> know that may be looking.
This is a follow up to my previous e-mail sent late January. I am having no
> luck finding homes for my cats. I called Tricia's dog house (a no-kill
> shelter) to see if they knew of anyone that might be looking, but couldn't
> afford the expense of pet ownership, and was told the kindest thing I could
> do was put them to sleep. That they had no chance of finding a home. I find
> this hard to believe. My plea to you, is to please forward this e-mail on to
> all your animal loving friends and family, in hopes that they may know
> someone that can give my boys a good, loving home. As stated, I would prefer
> they stay together, but am willing to separate if two good homes are
> available that only want one cat. I would also drive them or fly them
> anywhere for a good home. Thanks for your time."


14 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga made my day amd it's only 9 am!

It's the little things like this morning that makes life with the Gingaboo priceless.
It was time to wake up and those guys were anxious to go out and tackle the new day ( i.e pee and poopoo outside ). They jumped on the bed and started to ask for massages. Ginga's patented move is to roll over and show his belly. However, this time he miscalculated the amount of space he had left. My mattress is bigger than my bed frame, therefore there is a part of the mattress that is without support. Usually the doggies know this but Ginga forgot his coffee in the morning so he rolled over on the unsupported part. Of course given his weight, the mattress started to bend under his undeniable mass.
You know the saying: " a cat always land on his feet" ? Well , Let's just say Ginga is not a cat. He let himself slide gently off the bed without the slightest attempt at getting back on his feet. Upon landing on the carpet with a loud "bang", he looked a bit shocked and confused as to how he ended on the carpet when he was just begging for massage. The best part was the look on Booboo's face ( still on the bed ) , as he watched Ginga's slow descent to the abyss. He was half-puzzled ,half-amused by the adventure of the "sizeable "Gingster, not quite sure how Ginga manage to avoid serious accident until now :-).
I know we should not have been laughing at the G-man but it was just ..... priceless. I never laughed so hard this early in the morning. As a reward for his comic talent, they had a longer walk in the cold morning where finally they achieved their mission:the morning double P (pee and poo).
P.S: I realize that I did not mention the fact that although he fell square on his ass and back, Ginga did not out a single sign of pain or discomfort, just confusion. This dog is as strong as it gets. I try to catch him to prevent his fall but to no avail :-)

13 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga and the Cat II

Ginga met the cat again today. The cat was comfortable enough to roam around in the same room. Ginga just wants to play with it, happy ginga. Cat didn't trust him though and was watching him very carefully.


At feeding time, Cat got spooked and climbed from the top of the fridge to the top of the shelves. 'Fraidy cat.

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12 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Lily by the lake

Booboo and Ginga went to visit Lily. She has a great forest behind her house, with a river and a lake running through it.



None of the dogs wanted to swim, but they were very smart, they waited for the sticks thrown by us to get close so they didn't have to swim to get them. Doggies are outsmarting humans!



We Cesared Lily on the walk back and it worked really really well. She was listening very nicely. Good Lily! She didn't even mind that the other two were much faster.

The only sad part of the event was afterwards, when BooBoo had another seizure. This was the first time that Booboo's mom witnessed a seizure and she stayed very calm to her credit. Also Lily's mom and the doggies' Aunty Doc. It lasted about 7 minutes and we cooled him down with some ice. His back leg is a little stiff still though. Looks like his seizures are about once a month. He still has consciousness and it doesn't seem to hurt him at all. Poor Booboo! Ginga went on vacation later to give him a break.

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog and Cat

For those of you who have not been following the cat story, here's a quick recap - a cat adopted me, we have two dogs, so cat and dogs have so far been in different apartments. Yesterday after tiring the dogs out we put the cat in the bedroom and took Ginga to see her. Ginga sniffed around the living room, wherever the cat spent some time and relaxed. Lova brought the cat out on his arm, who started hissing when she saw Ginga. Ginga was still OK, but interested in the alien. Lova took the cat back into the bedroom, and we let Ginga wait outside while looking at the cat. Dog and cat stared at each other for some time, if Ginga showed any interest in going after the cat I made him lay down and relax. Both cat and dog got fed when they were relaxed, I think they enjoyed it. Success! Now we'll repeat this with Booboo and with Ginga until they are happy with the cat.

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11 March 2006

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This is keisha. She loves beer. She is the only one who can drink the boss's beer.

10 March 2006

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Cleo update

Well, Cleo, as I call her (i also call her cat and kitty) was in a cuddly mood. Cats seem to like you more the more you ignore them so I was happily reading and checking out what cat would do. Well cat came up and jumped on my lap and was checking me out while purring. So I let her smell my hand and started massaging her head. Then I had to teach her not to hold my hand with her teeth. I think it worked, she let go. Then we were playing with strings, the cat is fast, and I think she's dumber than the GingaBoo because they would never chase a string and she does. GingaBoo only chase rabbits and maybe cats.

09 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

doggies, park, need I say more?

I am doing a better job of looking like a German shepherd dog than ginga!


Boo! I'm going to get you Ginga


Dang I missed the Booboo.


07 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Synchronised Running

Dogs at the park... we caught some synchronised running from one person to the other.

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

quick update on cleo " the tummy masseuse"

Big thanks to all of you who suggested a name for the cat. The cat is getting acclimated rapidly to her new place as you can see on the picture. She has been "tummy-rubbing while-purring"everyone that came to visit, made sure that the top of the kitchen cabinet are clean and chased around a piece of string that vaguely ressembles the gaboon viper. Now if the doggies would not make those faces :) at the mention of their potential new roomate, things would be perfect. As far as identification is concerned, Cleo seems to be the run-away favorite denomination, followed by kheops and get rid of it ( my parents and Ginga/Booboo are probably behind those votes).

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05 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Finding cat in black a name

By now You know the story of the mysterious black cat that came to our building, played with Ranjit and stayed the night. We wanted to set her free but she went outside and returned immediately. So now after an expensive trip to the vet, she is all set to stay except for her interviews with Booboo and Ginga ( we are all very anxious about it). So we need a name, here are a few suggestions but feel free to add your own. The most popular name will be tagged on "cat in black". Thank you so much for weighing in.

my feline friend's name ?




Mr Dwayne

De prufundis

get rid of it

new suggestion

Pawsted by Mosilager

Of Golden Retrievers and Agility

Another day, another park :) Booboo and Ginga went to the park where they made a new friend called Lexus:


Lexus trains in agility and it was showing! Ginga had a great time because she loves to chase and wrestle.

BooBoo was off somewhere digging for field mice but Lexie brought him into the fun:

2 more goldens then joined the party. There were almost more dogs than people around :

04 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Lily at the Park

Doggies went to the park today. They met Lily again! Lily's back after being a little sick for some time. She had an autoimmune disorder that caused lots of sores all over her mouth and feet and inside her ears. She was on steroids, which cleared it up. She's gained a lot of weight since her adoption from the shelter and had a good time with the guys. I won my bet, BooBoo is faster than Lily. Read more about the adventures of Lily by clicking here. This little girl is Marley. We only met her for a short time but the doggies started getting to know each other. Marley loved the phone cam, she tried to smell it several times!

We went to watch the dog movie Eight Below. If you love dogs, don't watch this movie. The sadness is overdone. Also, dogs do not give each other commands by barking. 'Nuff said. Anyway, they had too much of the people and not enough of the dogs. Any time they had the dogs something bad was happening. Not nice! We had to come back and ensure that the GingaBoo were doing fine after watching that. The movie is well made though camera wise and dog training wise but they should have some happy moments in there.

03 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

What's a cat doing on the dog blog?


All right... what's a cat doing on the dog blog? Well... I found this little cutie waiting for me in the corridor outside my house. I thought it was somebody's cat and was about to go in to the house when she started meeeow and pulled off a Ginga Boo by presenting her rear end to be massaged as well as laying down with her belly up. I thought she was hungry / thirsty so I tried to get her to drink water and eat sausage. Both ideas flopped. I tried to get her to sit, stay, roll over, none of which worked. "Come" seemed to work because she followed me around.
At one point she tried to shake hands (later I found out that it was attacking me). This story caused much merriment when I related it to people who actually know cats. Since I was now in foreign territory, I called up the cat expert Lova and asked him what to do. So he suggested putting the cat in the car, taking the dogs out for a walk and he'd be there soon. So that's what happened. The cat went to I-mei's place while I tried to trace the owners. Apparently it's a stray. I called her "Cleo".

After some online searching for what cats eat I figured out that cats evolved in the desert and prefer their food warm. Also, they don't sit when told or come or any of the other stuff that dogs do. So we let the door open and let the cat go back to her wandering ways but she just wouldn't. She stayed at I-mei's. Lova's going to check with the vets tomorrow, and we can introduce her to the dogs after she's comfortable. That should be fun. Probably have to Cesar the dogs to get them to behave. This has happened before. Deja vu!

So Cleo stays for the time being and the doggies have some competition. BooBoo did smell my hand suspiciously when I walked in from playing with the cat but so far they don't know that we were consorting with the enemy. Well the cat can get to places where the dogs can't, so they should easily sort out who gets the bed / sofa / place by the door. Here's a little video:

01 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Forest Ginga

Colourful Ginga. BooBoo is already black and white so it doesn't make a difference for him!

german shepherd in park