26 October 2009

Pawsted by imei

Oct-25 walking through Princeton campus

Today the weather was great so we took Ginga and Booboo to walk around Princeton campus. Fall around here is really much prettier. So colorful and last much longer compare to Indiana. GB enjoyed very much the walk and chased many squirrels (we did not enjoy that).

We also met a cute doggie Halloween parade. Although I think GB were happy they didn't have to dress up like those dogs...

11 October 2009

Pawsted by imei

Oct-11 Rocky Top dog park

We went to the rocky top park at Princeton today.
It's a private fenced park require membership, but we enter with one-time fee just to check it out. Not a lot of doggies there but all friendly.

There's a small pond which booboo gladly dig in. Ginga on the other hand was only at the edge.

Other doggies are quite playful with their toys. Few labs like to fetch and swim.

This dog likes to stay with GB.

The weather is super nice, leaves turning colors now so GB is enjoying the scenery.

This whole time the fat cat is chilling on the balcony...