25 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Eyes are the window to the soul

BooBoo's eyes... they do look quite wolf-like but i think he was just annoyed that I wouldn't let him rest. Do you smell what the BooBoo is cooking?

do you see the wolf in me?

BooBoo was crashed out on the sofa the whole weekend... hope he's not coming down with something.

rest dog rest

border collie mix on couch

Ginga's very calm. He's just waiting for instructions from me as to what to do next.
german shepherd dog eyes

Does Ginga want to be an elephant? He's getting there with the eating... if only he could figure out how to get his nose bigger.

dog wants to be elephant

OK he found that comparison funny...

German Shepherd Dog Smile

22 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Tagged - what makes a good doggy friend?

e asked us, "what makes a good doggie friend?" or alternatively, what will it take for the cat to be accepted in our lives again?

1. barks or miaows when we bark, who knows, there could be major danger lurking out there that we have to wake up the whole neighbourhood for at 3 in the morning
2. watches out for the humans when we raid the trash
3. brings anything she hunts outside for taste testing by us
4. hides when the humans bring out any food - even cat food, which ginga gets first dibs on
5. goes for long walks with us and convinces other cats that we are safe, when they come close we will chase them {evil laugh: heh heh heh}
6. looks guilty and stays in the front room in plain view when lova, i-mei or ranjit return and something's wrong in the house (see #2).
7. keeps the humans busy while we sneak out to chase rabbits, squirrels and field mice. we are informed that the rabbit-looking thingies are hares but we are sure they taste alike

we tag any dog who wants to do the tag, especially if they are cute, in which case we want to sniff their rear ends to make sure they are really cute... remember, you are what you smell like

21 September 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga and BooBoo by day, !Xobile and Tap-song-bong by night !

New secret names and identities for the GB, thanks to Russel Peters. I apologize for the Off Topic subject of this post but the doggies always get riled up when we watch good ol' extremely funny Russel Peters ! Did I mention that Russel Peters rules ?

and !xobile is pronounced:"(Click)-Bilee" :)

20 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Photographic experiments

BooBoo says, "You have any food? No? stop bothering me and point that thing at somebody else!"

booboo collage

We always thought that Ginga was the missing link between dog and cow, he weighs almost as much as a newborn calf, he has a big head and big ears, and he likes to eat grass, among other things. However this photo makes me think that he's the missing link between dogs and crocodiles:

ginga the missing link?

BooBoo loves head massage from his daddy.

booboo enjoying a massage

16 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Doggies on vacation!

Ginga Boo's aunty took them on vacation and sent some pictures. These two are about as unlike as two dogs get in looks but they still seem to be twins.

rest like a dog

rest like a dog 2

rest like a dog 3

13 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog for doc II and Ginga Boo

Ginga really loves to lay his head on daddy's lap...


BooBoo enjoying quiet time...


This is Abby... she's looking for a home... she looks a lot like Ginga, except with floppy ears and maybe shorter hair (?).



Abby's being fostered right now so to get more information please email alindsayATpurdueDOTedu. According to her foster mom she gets along well with dogs and cats, is housetrained and spayed, pulls on the leash :) and generally sounds a lot like Ginga.

07 September 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Dog Tag(ged): gadgets that need to happen

The GB's have been tagged. No, not another (owner's) microchip (although given the custody battle that is about to happen, it might be an idea to reconsider) a virtual tag from video. After a thorough brainstorming among the GB's, here is what transpired:
1st gadget: a steak dispenser remotely controlled by intense staring at the "magic cage". If you don't understand why this gadget needs to happen, you are probably not Ginga. But nobody's perfect, eh ?
2nd gadget: a trash can that can put itself back together after a thorough "unauthorized" search.
The reasoning here is similar to the CIA phone line spying program. If people don't know about it, it cannot hurt them. Plus, it's a public service we are offering, who knows what can hide in the trash can ? Basically, it's for our humans own good, they just don't know it yet.

3rd gadget: leashes that extend to infinity ....or until we catch the elusive rabbits. Because tripping down our humans to the ground with a sudden pull is only funny so many times. ;)

PS: the doggies have tagged Mirana, Vola,Jogany to come up with 3 necessary gadgets that needs to be invented for the betterment of humanity ;). Sorry if it comes at a bad time but dogs do not know about school year ;).

05 September 2006

Pawsted by imei

A walk to remember

A beautiful labor day afternoon, three boy knights: Booboo, Ginga, and Baptiste (a 6-month-old baby) went for an adventure. They started from the kingdom of Brunswick, strolled through the land of Twyckenham. Left three "landmarks" (booboo got 2) alone the way in hope of their safe return home. A grave danger was awaiting them . The evil perilous lake Twyckenham wanted to destroy their will. Thankfully the leash of rightheousness guarded them through and protected them from the evil geese and the obnoxious trap of goose poo. They crossed the blowing-fire hazardous dragon cars, the long battlefield of grass. With gingaboo's barking and pulling; and Baptiste's rotating fist, they were able to overcome their fear and hunger and booboo's injured leg; and finally defeat the Lord Voldemore and reached the source of love and happiness (the smelly pond of Amstrong park). Baptiste became the king, strolled around the land flanked with the two now first knights: ginga and booboo, who freshly soaked into the holly water of love. They rested by the lake, rolled over the dust of hope, packed a vial of love and happiness, and started their way home. They returned to their beloved kingdom of Brunswick and shared all the dust and water of love, and blessed the whole kingdom.

The end.

P.S. No pictures taken during the journy