19 December 2009

Pawsted by imei

The first big snow day for Ginga Boo!!!

Today we have 2-3 in. snow and finally GB gets their snow fights!!
All dogs in our apartment complex are super excited and they met few doggie friends of theirs that they kept barking at...

And last weekend we enjoyed a nice sunny day at the D&R trail

put up our tinny X'mas tree, baked an apple tart so ginga can drool at it....

Meanwhile, kitty is still minding her own business..

We are all looking forward to the first X'mas w/ GB and fat cat here in NJ!!
Let it snow~ let it snow~ let it snow~~~

15 November 2009

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GingaBoo's Birthday Celebrations!!!

Ginga and Booboo both turned 7 this year!!!
For their birthdays, we bought a cake plus cookies for booboo (it's on Halloween) and I made "pupcakes" for the first time for ginga this weekend~~ (of course they share with each other)

My pupcakes turn out to be super popular~~ In the end we decided to put the icing all over their faces...

Obviously they don't mind...
Happy birthday to GB~~~

In between their birthdays we also went to check out yet another trail near Princeton...They had great fun and so did we!!

26 October 2009

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Oct-25 walking through Princeton campus

Today the weather was great so we took Ginga and Booboo to walk around Princeton campus. Fall around here is really much prettier. So colorful and last much longer compare to Indiana. GB enjoyed very much the walk and chased many squirrels (we did not enjoy that).

We also met a cute doggie Halloween parade. Although I think GB were happy they didn't have to dress up like those dogs...

11 October 2009

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Oct-11 Rocky Top dog park

We went to the rocky top park at Princeton today.
It's a private fenced park require membership, but we enter with one-time fee just to check it out. Not a lot of doggies there but all friendly.

There's a small pond which booboo gladly dig in. Ginga on the other hand was only at the edge.

Other doggies are quite playful with their toys. Few labs like to fetch and swim.

This dog likes to stay with GB.

The weather is super nice, leaves turning colors now so GB is enjoying the scenery.

This whole time the fat cat is chilling on the balcony...

23 September 2009

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GB take on the Atlantic Ocean~~

Last weekend GB and I drove a long way to RI to visit our old friends on vacation there. It's their first time seeing the ocean and they did great!! Now I think they won't mind a beach house of their own!

15 August 2009

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GB's reunion with Ranjit and Shilpa

Ranjit and Shilpa finally came visit! And we had a blast!!
My family friends invited all of us to their house for a BBQ that weekend and the food was AWESOME!!! Only GB refused to go into the pool, probably because the water is too clean! We realized that booboo is only interested in being a life guard, while ginga is focusing on making sure that the food is being cooked.

The reunion

At my friends house, chilling in water

ginga watching his parents

booboo being a life guard

Ginga is always in the kitchen

Our meal!

Happy with the fruits!

30 July 2009

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Some pictures of GB and fat cat taken by Yu-Tzu when she visited...