14 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga made my day amd it's only 9 am!

It's the little things like this morning that makes life with the Gingaboo priceless.
It was time to wake up and those guys were anxious to go out and tackle the new day ( i.e pee and poopoo outside ). They jumped on the bed and started to ask for massages. Ginga's patented move is to roll over and show his belly. However, this time he miscalculated the amount of space he had left. My mattress is bigger than my bed frame, therefore there is a part of the mattress that is without support. Usually the doggies know this but Ginga forgot his coffee in the morning so he rolled over on the unsupported part. Of course given his weight, the mattress started to bend under his undeniable mass.
You know the saying: " a cat always land on his feet" ? Well , Let's just say Ginga is not a cat. He let himself slide gently off the bed without the slightest attempt at getting back on his feet. Upon landing on the carpet with a loud "bang", he looked a bit shocked and confused as to how he ended on the carpet when he was just begging for massage. The best part was the look on Booboo's face ( still on the bed ) , as he watched Ginga's slow descent to the abyss. He was half-puzzled ,half-amused by the adventure of the "sizeable "Gingster, not quite sure how Ginga manage to avoid serious accident until now :-).
I know we should not have been laughing at the G-man but it was just ..... priceless. I never laughed so hard this early in the morning. As a reward for his comic talent, they had a longer walk in the cold morning where finally they achieved their mission:the morning double P (pee and poo).
P.S: I realize that I did not mention the fact that although he fell square on his ass and back, Ginga did not out a single sign of pain or discomfort, just confusion. This dog is as strong as it gets. I try to catch him to prevent his fall but to no avail :-)


Mosilager said...

No wonder the Gingster came in for extra massage this morning. His ego was hurt by all the laughing. He wanted to be reassured that I still love him. Poor ginga!

lova said...

AWWWWW ! Sorry Ranjit :-) I tell you, the Ginga is ready for his own stunt now. That slide was nothing short of a J-C Van Damme/Jackie Chan-esque choreography, in a ginga way of course .

Mosilager said...

yeah... but it's the Terminator doing the Van Damme/Chan/Jet Li role, I don't know if that'll fly with the audiences. Well, only Sophie has to like it I guess.

Cinthia said...

HAHA! I'm sure if Booboo could laugh, he would have done it! Poor Ginga, indeed. Cats AND humans laughing at him. :)