21 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga BooBoo at Dog Conference

1. GingaBoo and friends had a good time in the park at their dog conference. Standing Left to Right is Buster, BooBoo, Sophie, Ginga and Stretch. Buster is a golden retriever, Booboo is a border collie mix, Sophie is a Beautiful mix (and the love of BooBoo), Ginga is a german shepherd dog mix and Stretch is another Beautiful mix (I think there is some husky in her).

2. Catch the BooBoo was a favourite game at the conference. BooBoo's strategy was to bark and run, forcing all dogs to try to catch him.

3. A serious hunting class going on, with Stretch leading the way and Sophie and BooBoo trailing. See, there was work done at the Conference.

4. Buster says, "I am tired! BooBoo stop running, stand and fight you knave! Ginga! Come and wrestle like we always do!"

5. Stretch shouts, "Wait for me, I'm coming, Buster! Ginga is chasing BooBoo"

6. "OK OK I'll take a picture. But now I have to go and have a field discussion with Buster! We are working out a very important wrestling strategy."

7. This is Rudy, a veteran of many of these conferences. He lets the young 'uns develop new strategies for the park. He also serves as the group's shaman aka spiritual leader aka thinker aka the wise one. He is their Yoda, except bark he does not very much. May the force be with him all of them!

8. Sophie is happy, "I shook off that BooBoo finally, and nobody is fighting with anybody else. I organised a successful conference."

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Mansoora said...

All the doggies are soo cute!! ym