16 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ash and Simba are looking for a home

Iknow that this is a "doggie" blog :) but I think that Ginga/Boo would approve of this SOS message for Ash and Simba. Here is their owner's plea:
"My name is Julie Jackson. I am a Veterinary Technologist in the small animal
> internal medicine department. I am desperately seeking a home for my two
> adult male cats that I have had since babies. I am engaged to a man who has
> numerous allergies (including cats). Currently they are living in my
> apartment but we have bought a house and my lease will be up April 1st.
> All they need is room and board. I will continue to pay for ALL routine
> medical care and food. I want the best for them. Also included would be
> their 2 story cat condo, bowls, carriers, toys, and any other supplies I
> have. I would prefer they stay together. They will tolerate dogs and I'm
> sure they would adjust to other cats with time.
> They are both around 11 years of age and have been indoor/outdoor cats. They
> are neutered, declawed, current on vaccinations, urinalysis, and dentals.
> They have had no medical problems. If you are interested, e-mail me and I
> can send pictures or set up a meeting. Please keep anyone in mind that you
> know that may be looking.
This is a follow up to my previous e-mail sent late January. I am having no
> luck finding homes for my cats. I called Tricia's dog house (a no-kill
> shelter) to see if they knew of anyone that might be looking, but couldn't
> afford the expense of pet ownership, and was told the kindest thing I could
> do was put them to sleep. That they had no chance of finding a home. I find
> this hard to believe. My plea to you, is to please forward this e-mail on to
> all your animal loving friends and family, in hopes that they may know
> someone that can give my boys a good, loving home. As stated, I would prefer
> they stay together, but am willing to separate if two good homes are
> available that only want one cat. I would also drive them or fly them
> anywhere for a good home. Thanks for your time."


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