12 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog and Cat

For those of you who have not been following the cat story, here's a quick recap - a cat adopted me, we have two dogs, so cat and dogs have so far been in different apartments. Yesterday after tiring the dogs out we put the cat in the bedroom and took Ginga to see her. Ginga sniffed around the living room, wherever the cat spent some time and relaxed. Lova brought the cat out on his arm, who started hissing when she saw Ginga. Ginga was still OK, but interested in the alien. Lova took the cat back into the bedroom, and we let Ginga wait outside while looking at the cat. Dog and cat stared at each other for some time, if Ginga showed any interest in going after the cat I made him lay down and relax. Both cat and dog got fed when they were relaxed, I think they enjoyed it. Success! Now we'll repeat this with Booboo and with Ginga until they are happy with the cat.

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