30 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

cleo vlog :-)

Well, a little update on the only female ( and only cat) of the dog blog ;). Cleo is definitely a socialite. Now she purrs like a Hummer when carried around. The training for the dog/cat meeting went rather well so things are moving along smoothly. A few problems though: 1) Sweet Cleo is .... how can I say this? looking forward to meeting a male cat of her liking ( any male cat probably). She has been very vocal about it and she is doing the dance that accompanies the chant 2) because of this, she sheds like the Ginga on a summer day and meows all night.
She is getting spayed tmrw :(. It is not cheap but for all our sakes and hers, it has to be done. More after the surgery , in the meantime, enjoy the video :) ( taken before the "in heat" period, her fave toy is the one that cost nothing, as usual with pets )

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