05 March 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Finding cat in black a name

By now You know the story of the mysterious black cat that came to our building, played with Ranjit and stayed the night. We wanted to set her free but she went outside and returned immediately. So now after an expensive trip to the vet, she is all set to stay except for her interviews with Booboo and Ginga ( we are all very anxious about it). So we need a name, here are a few suggestions but feel free to add your own. The most popular name will be tagged on "cat in black". Thank you so much for weighing in.

my feline friend's name ?




Mr Dwayne

De prufundis

get rid of it

new suggestion


Mansoora said...

So here's the deal..I want a pet sooo bad! Lend me the cat :P Or at least let me play with it!!!!

lova said...

Hey Mansoora, the kitty may be all yours if Gingaboo veto the acquisition and if you are willing to take her :). She is super cuddly, vaccinated and disease-free. You can play with "Cleo/Sher Khan/kheops" ( that's the short list for her name) anytime you want.