12 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Lily by the lake

Booboo and Ginga went to visit Lily. She has a great forest behind her house, with a river and a lake running through it.



None of the dogs wanted to swim, but they were very smart, they waited for the sticks thrown by us to get close so they didn't have to swim to get them. Doggies are outsmarting humans!



We Cesared Lily on the walk back and it worked really really well. She was listening very nicely. Good Lily! She didn't even mind that the other two were much faster.

The only sad part of the event was afterwards, when BooBoo had another seizure. This was the first time that Booboo's mom witnessed a seizure and she stayed very calm to her credit. Also Lily's mom and the doggies' Aunty Doc. It lasted about 7 minutes and we cooled him down with some ice. His back leg is a little stiff still though. Looks like his seizures are about once a month. He still has consciousness and it doesn't seem to hurt him at all. Poor Booboo! Ginga went on vacation later to give him a break.

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