04 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Lily at the Park

Doggies went to the park today. They met Lily again! Lily's back after being a little sick for some time. She had an autoimmune disorder that caused lots of sores all over her mouth and feet and inside her ears. She was on steroids, which cleared it up. She's gained a lot of weight since her adoption from the shelter and had a good time with the guys. I won my bet, BooBoo is faster than Lily. Read more about the adventures of Lily by clicking here. This little girl is Marley. We only met her for a short time but the doggies started getting to know each other. Marley loved the phone cam, she tried to smell it several times!

We went to watch the dog movie Eight Below. If you love dogs, don't watch this movie. The sadness is overdone. Also, dogs do not give each other commands by barking. 'Nuff said. Anyway, they had too much of the people and not enough of the dogs. Any time they had the dogs something bad was happening. Not nice! We had to come back and ensure that the GingaBoo were doing fine after watching that. The movie is well made though camera wise and dog training wise but they should have some happy moments in there.


Purdue2020 said...

Hi! I'm writing on behalf of Lexus, since she's too tired to type. I did "google" Ginga and found your site--yea! Then, I realized that one of the dogs pictured here was Lexie's best bud, Marley. That's too funny! I guess this is like "Six degrees of Ginga"---through him, we're all connected! Definitely had to write when I saw a familar dog face, but also wanted to thank all 5 of you for helping to wear out one energetic Golden Retriever--Bless You for that!!

Hope to see you all again soon.

-Janet & Lexus

Mosilager said...

Hi Janet and Lexie,

Thanks for the comments. I've emailed you a couple of the pics, let me know if you get them and I'll either put the rest on a server somewhere or email them to you, whichever you prefer. Ginga and BooBoo are on vacation at a friend's house but they are apparently dead too.