28 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

GB and a Biscuit

Ginga and BooBoo met a new girl called Biscuit. She was recently shaved and looking to play! Unfortunately Ginga and Booboo didn't want to hurt her by playing with her and tried to get her to stay away. Some Cesaring by the humans was required to get her to back off and it worked, as always.





Rohini said...

Is that a Lhasa Apso? They look so sad when they are all shaved and bald, don't they...

Mosilager said...

Some kind of lhasa apso mix... she's too big for a pure lhasa apso. We think she is mixed with a rabbit of some kind because of her back legs! No, that's a joke... her hair got matted hence the shave