03 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

What's a cat doing on the dog blog?


All right... what's a cat doing on the dog blog? Well... I found this little cutie waiting for me in the corridor outside my house. I thought it was somebody's cat and was about to go in to the house when she started meeeow and pulled off a Ginga Boo by presenting her rear end to be massaged as well as laying down with her belly up. I thought she was hungry / thirsty so I tried to get her to drink water and eat sausage. Both ideas flopped. I tried to get her to sit, stay, roll over, none of which worked. "Come" seemed to work because she followed me around.
At one point she tried to shake hands (later I found out that it was attacking me). This story caused much merriment when I related it to people who actually know cats. Since I was now in foreign territory, I called up the cat expert Lova and asked him what to do. So he suggested putting the cat in the car, taking the dogs out for a walk and he'd be there soon. So that's what happened. The cat went to I-mei's place while I tried to trace the owners. Apparently it's a stray. I called her "Cleo".

After some online searching for what cats eat I figured out that cats evolved in the desert and prefer their food warm. Also, they don't sit when told or come or any of the other stuff that dogs do. So we let the door open and let the cat go back to her wandering ways but she just wouldn't. She stayed at I-mei's. Lova's going to check with the vets tomorrow, and we can introduce her to the dogs after she's comfortable. That should be fun. Probably have to Cesar the dogs to get them to behave. This has happened before. Deja vu!

So Cleo stays for the time being and the doggies have some competition. BooBoo did smell my hand suspiciously when I walked in from playing with the cat but so far they don't know that we were consorting with the enemy. Well the cat can get to places where the dogs can't, so they should easily sort out who gets the bed / sofa / place by the door. Here's a little video:


The Visitor said...

No video?

Mosilager said...

couldn't see the video? there is one linked to right at the bottom of the post. do you have flash player?