10 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Cleo update

Well, Cleo, as I call her (i also call her cat and kitty) was in a cuddly mood. Cats seem to like you more the more you ignore them so I was happily reading and checking out what cat would do. Well cat came up and jumped on my lap and was checking me out while purring. So I let her smell my hand and started massaging her head. Then I had to teach her not to hold my hand with her teeth. I think it worked, she let go. Then we were playing with strings, the cat is fast, and I think she's dumber than the GingaBoo because they would never chase a string and she does. GingaBoo only chase rabbits and maybe cats.


Rohini said...

Tell us more about how Ginga and BooBoo are dealing with this new (and probably unwelcome) entry into their world...

Mosilager said...

Hi Rohini,
they haven't met yet. The prognosis is not good because GingaBoo keep chasing rabbits and squirrels around. So they might think cat=dinner and chase her. If cat gets freaked out she could attack the dogs and that would not be pretty. We're taking it slow.