13 March 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga and the Cat II

Ginga met the cat again today. The cat was comfortable enough to roam around in the same room. Ginga just wants to play with it, happy ginga. Cat didn't trust him though and was watching him very carefully.


At feeding time, Cat got spooked and climbed from the top of the fridge to the top of the shelves. 'Fraidy cat.

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Rohini said...

How come only Ginga got to meet Cleo. How about BooBoo?

Mosilager said...

Booboo's parents were worried that he would bark and scare the cat so he hasn't met her yet. Also he had a seizure last week so we didn't want to give him extra stress

motomama said...

I love your blog. Booboo and Ginga are very lucky dogs.
I hope Ginga wasn't scratched by the cat again;) Because he has a history of annoying cats and was attaced......