01 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

ginga update and behaving booboo

Hello new update from the Gingster, his swelling has gone down now, looks like a normal wound, but there was still some plasma coming out. For no reason Booboo was behaving very nicely the other day and sitting like there was some pig ear involved, he had just finished walking as well so I'm not sure why he was so well-behaved. Anyways I took a snap of the freshly showered well behaved booboo.

The guys had a good time at the park today, racing through the lake and meeting 3 other dogs. They met a big dog who basically ignored their running around and playing, another dog who seemed a little shy, hiding behind his mommy and running when they wanted to play, and then there was a dog behind a fence in his backyard who they just had to meet. I think they were having a lot of fun although they couldn't get to any arse-sniffing. Luckily they didn't stink too much after all that, so the effects of the shower are still there.

Well Happy 2006 from the guys and may the new year bring lots of bones and doggies and parks and walks and sleeping and cuddling.

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