08 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

learning while webtrawling

Here are some cool things I learnt while webtrawling, in no particular order

1. a dog that looks just like booboo, this is Valorie from K9SARdog.com
2. a new season of the Cesar Milan is on. Problem dog? No problem, just take her (him) for a walk. And check out the comments while you are at it
3. I just found out that well-preserved ancient human bodies have been recovered from bogs in Europe for a long time, and these are not just people who couldn't function without GPS.
4. James Randi has been exposing fraudsters for a long time, especially those who use superstition to shake money out of people. An ex-magician, he found that lots of these people use magic tricks to amaze others not aware of these. His foundation offers 1 million dollars to anyone who can prove that a paranormal event occured.
5. Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam says that great scientists have courage. I had never thought about that before reading this article but it's absolutely true. Most of the time it's the ability to admit if you were wrong when somebody (or yourself) find new evidence, and some of the time it's challenging what the whole world thinks (Nobel Prize 2005 for physiology or medicine to Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin Warren).
6. Since the India-Pakistan cricket series is on again, everyone's been asking where the smiling assassin is. Well he's injured but he'll be back. People from Team India have some cool nicknames, "Master Blaster" "Turbanator" "The Wall" "Very Very Special", best of luck to them in Pakistan.

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