04 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager


Booboo was acting just like Ginga today! So I haven't explained this before, but Ginga is a very cuddly dog. He attains mammalian levels of cuddliness every day, asking for massages and positioning himself to tell us where to massage and so on, he even returns the massage when you tell him to by licking although that gets quite messy quite fast as you might imagine. The cuddliness of the Gingster along with his whining when he wants to go out to meet some random doggie walking by or for other purposes leads me to think that he is spiritually a chimpanzee. So he is more of a Ginganzee than a Ginga. So Booboo today sat down just like Ginga and got a massage. He put his head down just like the Ginganzee and was enjoying the massage! Craziness, as Oliver from Coupling would say. Boozee doesn't quite roll of the tongue as well as Ginganzee though. Well after all this massage experience I might be able to start a doggie massage clinic ha ha ha.

In other news the doggies' training is going well. I've been trying to associate food with staying close to me while walking i.e. heeling. So far I've tried sausage and bread. Ginga is a little slow to catch on but Booboo knows exactly what I'm wanting. Hopefully they start doing it whenever I tell them to after next week or so, without bribery and corruption. Fat chance right? The other thing I'm training them to do is not to pull on the leash, for any reason. They do an OK job now, but are still susceptible to the odd rabbit. I figure by stopping and making them sit if they pull even slightly they'll figure it out eventually. Just have to be consistent. And with the chance of getting some good food every now and then, they should start paying more attention, at least that's what all the books say so I'll believe them.

No Sierra sightings since Booboo's papa went on vacation. I guess now she'll be back as well as he's back.

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