21 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Flashback to Ginga and Booboo birthdays

It's my dad's birthday so Happy Birthday Accha (അച്ഛാ)! It's his 28th birthday, as he claims, which would make me his twin, if I did my maths correctly. That got me recalling the last birthdays we celebrated, which were those of the Ginga Booboo.
Booboo started his birthday (Halloween, October 31) by sleeping on the couch. Well, his job is to be cute and lovable and make sure that the rest of the pack gets enough excercise!

Ginga started his birthday awake, but he was about 5 minutes away from sleep. Ginga's birthday is on 14 November, for no other reason than it had to be after Booboo's and it's a date I can remember because it's Children's Day in India.

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