18 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

ghost dog

We were "parking" the doggies again when they disappeared into a typical Indiana forest (or what I think is a typical Indiana forest). After a while we heard a couple of barks which didn't sound like either of them so we went to investigate. We didn't hear the barks any more and the doggies came back. Lova saw something white and thought it was a dog (Sierra - not again!) but it turned out to be a big fat rabbit. Needless to say, Ginga and Booboo failed to catch it, actually on a scale of 1-10 they were -10 as they ran in the opposite direction to the rabbit. Maybe that is the point of those guys, to flush out the game so the waiting people can get it, but anyway that's how it went down. Our investigation didn't turn up any strange dogs, the barking was probably Booboo with different accoustics due to the Indiana jungle.

Booboo's mum comes back today, which completes the Booboo-Ginga fan club in Lafayette so I might talk about something other than the doggies... hmmm... what else is there?


mansoora said...

Something other than the doggies...ohh you could put pictures up..or talk about yourself, and what you do ;)

Mosilager said...

maybe i should talk about you ha ha ha mansoora! no i meant cricket