20 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Eau de dead squirrel OR dogs and stinky stuff

What is up with dogs and stinky things? For all their vaunted sense of scent they love rotting things. Our guys will never miss an opportunity to roll around in dead carcasses / number 2 of some other creature. Today Ginga went outside the house to take a stroll and found somebody's garbage that had been left outside, on the footpath. So he tore into the stuff and managed to eat quite a bit before we caught him. Then he realised that he was in trouble and got his teeth brushed with the peanut butter as well as the bubble gum toothpaste. The comment was made that nobody will be scared of him now because he smells like bubble gum. Whatever he got into was quite stinky, though. What a species. Those two hate taking a bath but no problem bathing in mud with all sorts of detritus that stinks so badly that we have the car windows open even though it's 1 degree outside.

Being scavengers they probably are attracted to garbage. I guess in the wild wolves wouldn't have lived very long if they refused to eat food that had been lying around. So that explains the love for rotting food, but I still don't know about rolling around in stinky things. Maybe it's their perfume. Eau de dead squirrel, that won't make Ralph Lauren's next line.

कुत्तों और बदबू वाली चिज़ों का क्या ताल्लुक है? इतने अच्छे नाक होने के बावजूद भी वह हमेशा गंदी गंदी चीज़ें खाते रहते हैं। आज गिंगा अकेले बाहर गया और उसे बगल वाले घर के सामने उनका कूड़ा मिला। या तो उन लोगों को सुस्ती हो गई है या फिर लड़ाई कि कौन कूड़े को कूड़ादान मे फेंकेगा। उनके अनिश्चय के कारण हमें कठिनाई हो गई। कुच्छ देर के बाद ही हमें समझ मे आया कि गिंगा बाहर कुड़ा खा रहा है। उसके बाद उसे अन्दर बुला के हमने थोड़ा डाण्टा, और खूब दंतमञ्जन किया, अब वह बब्ल-गम के जैसे महकने लगा है। लोग अब उससे डरते भी नहीं होंगे, बच्चों जैसी सुगंध है उसकी। दोनों कोई ऐसा अवसर भी नहीं छोड़ते जहाँ उन्हें किसी सड़े हुए जान्वर या बदबू वाली मिट्टी मे लेटने को मिले। लेटने की बात तो दूर, वह उसमे खेलते हैं। नाक तो अच्छी ही होगी, लेकिन शायद दिमाग मे ही कमज़ोरी है। लेकिन नहाने के वक़्त दोनों ग़ुम हो जाते है, बहुत मुशकिल है उन्हें नहाने के लिए ले जाने को।
सड़े हुए चीज़ें शायद उन्हें इसीलिए पसन्द हैं क्योंकी भेड़ियों की ऐसी स्तिथी नहीं थी कि वह किसी भी खाने को ठुकरा सके। सड़ा हुआ तो सड़ा हुआ, नहीं खाया गया तो ज़्यादा देर अपना भेड़िया जीवित रह नहीं पाता। इससे तो पहले की बात समझ मे आई, लेकिन यह मरे हुए जान्वरों के ऊपर लेटने का क्या चक्कर है? शायद यह उनकी खुशबू है। यह 'मरे हुए गिलाह्री' का सुगन्ध लोगों के लोक मे सफल नहीं होगा।


Mansoora said...

I think it all depends on taste Mosilager..what may smell good to you, may be realll stinky for a dog..and vice versa

Mosilager said...

yeah but i was trying to understand why... and could our noses be better if we tried to like stinky things?

mathew said...

Dogs are domesticated wolves. In the wild, wolves roll in stinky crap so that they will smell like something other than wolves. This lets them get closer to their prey, without the prey thinking "Uh-oh, I smell wolf!" Apparently deer aren't smart enough to think "Uh-oh, I smell bear crap getting closer, must be a wolf that rolled in bear crap!"

Dogs keep enough of this instinct that they still feel the urge to roll in stinky things to hide their own smell from possible prey.

Mosilager said...

Yeah... I'm not so sure about that masking the scent theory. I'm sure the deer can smell wolf+bear crap... and don't wolves normally attack from downwind anyway? I think it's more that they love the smell of rotting stuff and want to put it on to show off :) But who knows? we can't read their minds yet so...