24 January 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

10 not so best sellers ( the sequel)

Hum, there was a discount at Border's on the books authored by Booboo and Ginga so one could have 5 books for the price of 10. It wasn't such a good business idea so dogbook publishing has released the rest of the books after shrewd negotiating from the authors (2 cheese sticks each and no bath for 2 weeks ). Here goes:

10. Fear and Loathing in Lafayette Horticulture Park . ( for all the dog hating that has plagued the park lately. C'mon people, the only harmful thing about Booboo and Ginga is their breath !!!)

9. The Chronicles of Boonga . The lion, the bitch and the corn dog. ( A movie project is on the work but Boonga want 10% ....of what we are not sure but at least 10% We are now discussing with other doggies for the lead roles. Tinkerbell and Lassie might be interested. Stay tuned)

8. How Boonga got their couch back. (Preface by I-mei who would rather sit on the floor than chase the dogs way....no, they are not spoiled at all :-) )

7. Watergate: the real story. ( It was not urine on the carpet but merely profuse drooling at the sight of the cheescake left on the table )

6. "Catch 22": ( nobody would confirm this story but it is believed that 22 is actually the code name that the doggie crew has given to Stretch. Stretch has picked up serious speed lately and the ability to bite her own tail hence the phrase catch 22 :-) And you think you would not learn anything from this post !

5. Bonus title: (not published yet) The Doghiker 's guide to free massages and cuddles. ( 2nd shortest book ever )

Boonga is always in search of inspiration so if you could recommend new titles, Boonga will give 10%.... of what they have.

Stay fluffy !


Rohini said...

I totally love your blog. And the dogs are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics of Ginga as a puppy. I am guessing his favourite food is Pigs Ears. Nothing beats that, right Ginga?

Well, its easily available at petsmart or walmart.

Mosilager said...

It's hard to tell with Ginga, Anonymous. He loves food so much. Cheese-sticks, bones, carrots, pig ears... those string cheese-sticks are definitely up there though in the preferences. I've seen Ginga ignore rabbits to chase if there is a cheesestick around. He also likes bones a lot as well as doggie training treats and 'pup corn'.