30 December 2005

Pawsted by Mosilager

ginga sick

Ginga last night had a little red swelling on one of his legs, with some plasma coming out when squeezed. It doesn't seem to hurt him, he's playing and running around like normal but it may be a little itchy. So he got a doctor's visit because I don't know what it is. He had a good time at the doctor's, running around smelling everyone and being cuddled by all the waiting people. Eventually he got weighed - he's 25 Kg, which makes him a few Kg heavier than when he last got weighed in August or so. I think it's all muscle ha ha ha. Anyway he finally saw the doctor who thought it was his front foot with the abscess. I told her about the back foot and she looked at it, pulled out a 10ml syringe and a small needle to aspirate some cells from the abscess. She put the needle in, G-man didn't even seem to notice, and aspirated some blood/cells. She was worried it might be a tumour :( so she looked at it under the microscope and just saw pus and cells, no tumour. Good that he saw the doc though, poor little guy. He has some antibiotics to take until the swelling goes down, but if it increases he has to go back for another visit. Very brave Ginga.


lova said...

So sad to read about ginga's leg. hope he recovers soon

Mosilager said...

He's fine, he just has to take his pills. doggies just got a shower so they are looking suitably glorious and proud, ginga does look a little sad for some reason