22 January 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

10 not so best sellers by Boonga plus a famous relative with Charlie Chaplin

Alright ! My first post on the global phenomenom that is the Booming Boonga blog. ( kind of a cool tongue twister). I am psyched and a bit nervous :-).... Ok here is a list of books authored by the either Booboo or Ginga that sadly did not make it to the new york times best sellers list:

5. Who moved my trash ? A guide to not sweating the small stuff ( or the big one for that matter) Co-authored by Boo and ginga
4. Bark . The power of annoying without getting punished ( or not always) by Booboo ( written everytime the door moves)
3. How to lose 5 pounds in 1 day : a guide to healthy eating by Ginga. ( shortest book ever)
2. The seven habits of highly inefficient doggies. ( very popular among businessdogs) coauthored again
1. Men are from Mars, dogs rule !!!!

Finally, check out this video of one of Booboo' s collie's cousin in a scene with Charlie Chaplin ( favorite actor of the Boonga's because it's all in Black and white and silent ). We are almost there with the training of the doggies ( well at least Ginga is doing the roll over) That's it for today, have a great week.


Mansoora said...

Very entertaining post :)

Anonymous said...

where are the other 5 not so best sellers?

lova said...

thanks for the nice comments!!! Apparently Booboo and Ginga cannot write and they cannot count !!!! My fault :-) Next five book titles coming very soon .... that was the teaser ....or not....