28 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Boys will be boys

OK I'm tired of all the "oh so cute" Booboo-Ginga pictures. They are dogs! They are boys! They play hard! Release the hounds! Unleash the dogs of war!
BooBoo makes a play bow which he normally does, probably to show that they should start playing. I have only seen Ginga do that once, to another dog who had no interest whatsoever in playing. It didn't work so I guess that's no encouragement. Poor short-legged Ginga, it's probably hard for him to do.

They do look quite dangerous when they do this, and scared some people on some lakeside at a national park that we were in, but they never hurt each other and stop immediately if one of them goes too far. La piece de resistance:


Mansoora said...

That last pic freaks me out... :(

Mosilager said...

it is a little scary when they show their teeth. they mean no harm though, they don't really have hands to grab each other so they use teeth